Top 5 Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep Jk: Review 2021

Commonly used in off-road and drag racing applications, Beadlock wheels secure the tire bead using an inner and outer ring. The internal and external rings hold the tire bead in place and keep it protected.

The outer ring is attached to the inner ring using bolts, which must be installed in accordance with the correct torque specifications. Said to have originally been used on military vehicles for extreme road conditions, bead lock wheels are now seen frequently on the streets.

Since Beadlock wheels give off an aggressive and menacing look, many choose to install faux Beadlock wheels which are just for visual enhancement. Faux Beadlock wheels do nothing but look cool.

Here I have talked about some best Beadlock wheels for jeep jk that I have been through. Also, there is a little review about the different types of Beadlock wheels and which one you should pick. If you don’t want to miss out,

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If you don’t have much time to research about the best beadlock wheel, then I recommend Pro Comp Alloys. This is because they are designed for performance without compromising anything.

That is why it is manufactured with low-pressure casting technology, which makes it solid and durable. It also has very light and elegant looks.

If you don’t like this as much then I am going to give a buyer guide that will help you select the Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep Jk. So read the section carefully. Because this majorly includes all the things that should be checked.

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish
  • 83.01 inches
  • Size 16×8
  • Bolt Pattern 5×4.5 in.
  • Back Space 4.5 in.

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep Jk

Installing your first set of locks can be a total game-changer off-road if you’ve figured out how to manipulate tire pressure properly. If you are a careful driver, you can go down to about 12-15 psi on your tires without running a Beadlock wheel.

Heavier 3⁄4 and 1 ton rated vehicles may require slightly more air pressure to support the increased weight.

However, to really get the full traction and performance potential of your 4×4, most tires can be vented between 1 and 10 psi, depending on vehicle weight, tire size, and design, terrain, wheel width, etc.

The only way to be able to successfully use these single-digit pressures off-road without removing your tire beads regularly is with a Beadlock wheelset.

There are many different Beadlock designs available, and each design has its own pros and cons. What works for you will depend on your budget, vehicle, intended use, and personal preferences.

Outer clamp-on

This is currently the most common type of Beadlock wheel available on the aftermarket. Companies like ATX, Champion, Eaton, OMF, and TrailReady offer bead-type clamp locks.

The clamp style Beadlock wheel is made up of two main components: the wheel frame, which includes a welded or cast surface with threaded holes, and the Beadlock clamp ring itself.

The ring is typically attached with grade 8 5⁄16 or 3⁄8 inch hardware. We have seen Beadlock wheels with up to 40 bolts clamping down to as low as 18 bolts. Some Beadlock companies like Champion and OMF can install Beadlock on your existing aluminum wheels.

This offers potential cost savings compared to buying completely new wheels with padlocks. Other manufacturers, like Ballistic Fabrication, offer kits that allow you to weld the Beadlock mounting rings to your iron wheels.

Look for clamped bead locks with at least 24 clamping bolts. Bolt-less Beadlock wheels are generally light-duty and reserved for the multitude of circular dirt tracks. Of course, more bolts are better, but tightening 40 bolts per wheel can be quite a laborious task.

Wheels with at least 24 bolts hold up well to regular off-road use. Also, no more bolts may be needed, especially if the bolt heads are submerged and protected from impact with road hazards.

Double internal Beadlock

Double inner Beadlock uses a rubber insert to hold both the inner and outer ring. In this system, both internal and external pearls are captured to ensure better performance. This type of Beadlock wheel is slightly heavier than the standard one.

The advantage of this design is its performance. Wheels with this locking system guarantee better performance. So you can use this in off-road racing or military applications where performance is a must. Keeps inner and outer cord in place no matter what. But there are also drawbacks. It is not easy to install. Also, you will find it difficult to mount and dismount the wheels.

Single Inner Clamp

In this design, the inner plates are used to lock the tire bead to the rim from the inside. Cotter pins are sometimes used to hold the bolts in place. This is not used often, but it is an effective way.

It works great to keep the account in place. In addition, it requires little maintenance. But the problem is that installing it is really a difficult task, not a work from home. It is also a long process. Also, it can reduce brake play.

Top 5 Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep Jk – Reviews

1. Method Race Wheels MR105 Beadlock Wheel

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

If you’re looking for a Jeep Wrangler Beadlock rim from an equally legendary company, these Method rims might be the ticket. With a durable matte black finish that is guaranteed against wear and tear and impressive etched “METHOD” logos,

these wheels are TPMS compliant and available in 17 or 20-inch diameters, giving you a wide range of options regarding the tires you want. to run. The Beadlock ring on the Method MR105 wheel is forged and held together by durable zinc-plated hardware, and it certainly looks good.

2. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

With Pro Comp Alloy Series Beadlock Wheels, you get industry-leading quality, ease of use, and durability. They are rugged, tough, and will serve you for a long time. Without the proper Beadlock wheels, your tires will not be able to withstand lower air pressures, especially when driving on rough terrain. Along with the (significant) increase in traction, these Pro Comp beauties also keep the tires from skidding.

Pro Comp Alloy wheels are designed for performance without compromising anything. That is why it is manufactured with low-pressure casting technology, which makes it solid and durable. It is also very light and elegant.

Say a tire goes flat in the middle of nowhere – how are you going to drive to the nearest repair shop? Well, these wheels have a solid grip and will hold that flat tire long enough for you to get help. Low-pressure casting equals durability, and the open travel design does not cover the brakes. On top of that, the company offers a two-year warranty, which is always great news.

3. Mopar Beadlock-Capable Wheel

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

This genuine OEM wheel from Mopar Performance has a dual bead set so the outer bead of the tire can be placed in the DOT-approved inner location or the outer location as a real bead lock in combination with the functional ring lock. Kit, sold separately.

If in doubt, go directly to the source. Mopar products are designed by and for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, so full compatibility with your JL Wrangler is almost guaranteed. This 17 “x 8” Mopar wheel is fully Beadlock compatible,

although you will need to purchase the lock ring kit separately, and it features a protected valve stem design that keeps the valve safe from road obstacles. Manufactured to the highest OEM quality standards, this dependable Mopar wheel with bead locking capability is an excellent choice.

4. Ion Alloy 174 Black Beadlock Wheel

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

They feature a classic 8-hole design for excellent airflow to the brakes and 360-degree solid contact between the inside and outside of the wheels. These stylish rims are coated in a glossy black and finished off with a wide machined lip, giving the off-road look of a simulated Beadlock.

ION Alloy one-piece aluminum rims are lightweight yet strong and provide great looks in various sizes to suit your application. Whether you’re on the road or off-road, enhance the look of your ride with black ION Alloy Series 174 rims with machined lips.

This wheel is made to guarantee the best value for your money. So you will find this strong, durable, lightweight, and high-performance aluminum wheel. It does exactly what it’s made for. So, if you want to get what you expected, choose one of these without hesitation.

The wheel is precisely engineered to fit directly onto your vehicle. Therefore, you will not need any modification. However, I still recommend assigning a professional to install it. Trying to install it without previous experience can cause serious problems.

5. Pro Comp Alloys Series 33 Wheel

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

I have another Beadlock Pro Comp wheel on my list, but this time, it’s the 33 series. These are slightly bigger and have a more “macho” look, mainly thanks to the stainless steel bolts around the rim. Jeep is an off-road brand, and this modern design will be perfect for fans of showing off. The open design does not lock the brakes, so if you have some cool mods, they won’t hide behind the wheels.

Installation is very easy and simple. But remember that you will need nuts in order to install these wheels. And, unless you are a professional, it would be best to let a certified specialist from the center do it for you.

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We’ve just reviewed some of the best Beadlock wheels for jeep jk on the market! I took my time selecting the most reliable and durable deals that are currently available on the market. For that, I had to try dozens of options. While they all serve the same ideas, different brands do things slightly differently, as we learned today.

And, by weighing the pros and cons, along with my recommendations, you can choose the wheels that will go perfectly with your Jeep. When you’re face to face with nature, a little traction can go a long way. Last but not least,

if you have some funny/exciting stories about Beadlocks, I’ll be happy to read all about it! Feel free to share any ideas/knowledge/experience you have in the comment section!

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