Top 10 Best Car Speakers For Metal music In 2021

Nothing beats the immersive experience of listening to your favorite songs and shaking your head to the rhythms while driving on a quiet road. However,

this is only possible if your car is equipped with the best car speakers for metal because most built-in car speakers are not able to please your ears.

If you love deep bass sound in your music, high-quality car speakers are a must for you!

Choosing your car speakers for bass can be a daunting job, as there are so many options to go through. For your convenience, we’ve rigorously researched the market to present you with the best possible options.

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I know it is hard to find the best speaker when you do not have much time. But with this JBL GTO629, you get a larger sound and better bass response than other speakers of the same size.

They also have a volume control for their dual-level tweeter so that you can customize it to your listening preferences.

If you don’t like this as much, then I am going to give you a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best speakers for metal. Make sure to read this section carefully because it includes all the things that should be checked.

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker – Set of 2

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker - Set of 2
  • Carbon-injected Plus One cones are larger than others in their size class, meaning they move more air and make more bass.
  • Patented UniPivot tweeter allows you to aim the sound at your ears.
  • A dual-level tweeter volume adjustment helps compensate for less-than-perfect speaker placement.

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Car Speakers For Metal


A component speaker system is made up of a woofer that handles the mid to low frequencies and a tweeter that handles the high frequencies. What makes a good speaker system is its crossover.

A crossover ultimately decides where to transfer each frequency. Without one, all signals will get mixed up, resulting in poor performance. Therefore, having a good crossover is essential to have a great audio experience.

Now, there are two kinds of crossovers: passive and active. Passive crossovers do not require additional power and skew frequencies as needed. Active crossovers not only need extra power from an amplifier but also require a ground connection.

In return, they offer more flexibility and adjustment when it comes to your music. If you’re looking for active crossovers, it’s good to make sure it comes with an EQ because it allows you to fine-tune the sound precisely to your liking.

When it comes to passive crossovers, there are two choices to consider:

component and inline crossovers.

Component crossovers deflect amplifier signals. They are usually configured with the optimal settings but may need to be changed. Inline crossovers don’t have much flexibility like their component counterparts, but there are benefits. Because they are connected before the amplifier, they save you time and energy when setting up the system.


A woofer system is ideal for receiving low frequencies of sound. That’s where the bass originates from. For a woofer cone, choose one that has a light and stiff material. One of the best materials for the woofer is polypropylene.

An excellent woofer cone must withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. Remember, as the year progresses, your car will sometimes get very hot or cold. To avoid incurring future expenses, spend on a robust car speaker system.


While the woofers give you low bass tones, the tweeters ensure that the high frequencies are clear and crisp rather than sharp. For high-quality sound, you are looking for tweeters that are composed of silk or a polyester blend.

The soft material ensures a smooth and refined sound. However, for those who enjoy a brighter and snappier sound, there are tweeters made of sturdier material. It just comes down to personal preference.

It’s not just the material but also the placement of your tweeters that matters. If your frequencies are correct, but you don’t like the resulting sound, you probably don’t have the right location. For best results, make sure the tweeters are positioned at ear level.

Finally, keep in mind that there’s flexibility when it comes to your speakers. You can simply replace them with your factory-made car speakers and enjoy the upgrades they provide. Or you can incorporate them into a more complete system.

For example, if you are buying a mid-level subwoofer but want that full bass effect, simply pair your speakers with a subwoofer. Supplementing them with an amplifier will also add more punch to your sound.

At the end of the day, these speakers will significantly enhance your audio experience. It is up to you to decide precisely how they do it.


Power handling is the amount of power that your car’s speakers can handle. Low power systems take low energy and vice versa.

Other systems, on the other hand, have external amplifiers. As a result, it requires powerful speakers to handle the power output of the amplifiers.

The maximum RMS is the power handling of your car’s speakers. However, keep in mind that this is not the same as full power handling. A system with an RMS rating of 5-50 watts is best suited to a low-power stereo.


Considering the price of the product chosen according to your budget is another essential thing to consider. It is necessary not only in the case of door speakers but also to buy any product on the market.

Although the best car speakers for bass and sound quality are generally a bit pricey, you already know that the best products cost a bit more.

If you are on a tight budget, you must find the best door speakers for sound quality within your budget with all the specifications you want.

Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity is how well a speaker outputs sound at a specific measure of power. It’s no secret that most original car door speakers are low power.

A low-power car stereo, for example, 10-20 watts RMS, would work best with high-sensitivity range speakers. That includes 90 or more decibels. In contrast, high-power systems require loudspeakers with lower sensitivity ratings.

Both external amplifiers and aftermarket stereo systems also require speakers with lower sensitivity. After turning them on properly, make sure you get great surround sound.

Car Speaker Size and Configuration

One thing you need to consider carefully is the size of the speaker you want to buy. As we have seen previously, there are some models whose size is a bit large. They may not fit perfectly in all types of cars.

Before buying a new car door speaker set, you should measure the area of ​​the factory-made speakers after taking them out. It is also important to know the configurations of the existing units. It will be better only then, and you can put the new speakers in the existing space and set them up easily.


The point is, the door speakers are always inside your car. However, they will always be subject to changes in temperature. The materials that make different components will therefore have an impact on their quality and sound.

Surround sound always determines the longevity and performance of your speakers. The most popular and robust material for frames is rubber. In addition to extreme temperatures, it also protects your speakers from moisture.

Other materials include foam and fabric to boot. They are somewhat cheaper, but they should also get the job done. A woofer cone should have a stiff and lightweight material. In most cases, the speakers come with polypropylene. Or sometimes, they use synthetics with an aluminum or titanium coating.

For tweeters, the material is a matter of personal choice. The reason is that different materials produce different sounds. Silk, for example, provides a softer sound, while ceramic and graphite tend to produce better high frequencies.


The sensitivity of your car speakers is a vital factor to consider. We measure the sensitivity in decibels.

Always choose a speaker with high sensitivity. In other words, a car speaker with at least 90 dB is great for a low-power car audio system.

Top 10 Best Car Speakers For metal – Reviews

1. JBL GTO629

best car speakers for metal

First of all, in today’s reviews, you will find a rather remarkable pair of JBL 629s from their very commendable GTO series that has received a lot of praise.

They’re a 6.5-inch coaxial array employing a woofer coupled with a single-pivot tweeter to deliver premium 2-way rated audio with excellent crossover.

The drivers are high-performance, and the woofer cones benefit from Plus One technology, which helps increase the overall surface area of ​​the cone.

As we’ve explained in previous articles, this gives them a larger size to radiate and provides better bass response than you would normally get from other cones measuring the same dimensions.

They feature a dual-level tweeter volume control, which can be easily adjusted and actually customized to suit your individual listening preferences.

They are low impedance and operate at 3 ohms, and have dedicated 12-decibel crossover circuitry to delegate frequencies accordingly.

  • Premium 2-way class.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Uni-Pivot tweeter which directs audio to the listener’s ear.
  • Great low end free of distortion.

    2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 

    best car speakers for metal

    If you are looking for the best performance on a budget, you should definitely consider this one. It’s far better than any OEM speaker and packed with great features to provide excellent performance.

    What will attract you at first is its elegant and seductive appearance. Being a 3-way speaker, this unit’s main components are separated, ensuring better performance and better sound.

    Each of the speakers is built to be tough and robust, so there’s no question about build quality. Steel frames are added for additional protection against accidental bumps.

    This robust audio system offers a very low distortion rate at high volume with the help of silk dome tweeters with titanium and mylar materials.

    The fantastic crossovers reduce the distortion rate at each frequency. So you can turn up the volume without worrying about breaking the sound!

    With the vacuum-formed polypropylene woofer, this rig can produce decent bass, although that’s not its strongest forte. But considering the price you pay to buy this, what you get is still pretty impressive.

    The 91dB and 45Wrms level of sensitivity, along with the 4 ohms of impedance, make it as standard as any other. Plus, the compact and lightweight design makes it easily fit most vehicle models. So you won’t have a problem changing your standard speaker for this component.

    • First-rate sound quality from at a budget
    • Looks appealing and catchy to anyone
    • Durable construction with steel frame protection
    • Offers low-distortion rate at every frequency
    • Requires a subwoofer for producing heavier bass

    3. CT Sound 6.5 Inch Component Speaker

    best car speakers for metal

    CT Sound 6.5 Inch Component Speaker Set And, if you’re okay spending a lot of money on your speaker, this is the right choice for you! It comes with all the necessary items you would need!

    First of all, the article crossover is great! They are high-performance and first-class quality elements that guarantee a fast exchange between the tweeter and the woofers. Thus, it enables you to effortlessly obtain all kinds of sound without any hindrance.

    And the tweeter is made with silk. Therefore, these silk domes have a sweeping voltage of 2.8 volts, allowing you to effortlessly change electrical pulses into physical vibration and the sound you are looking for.

    In addition, the woofers are also of high quality. They are capable of generating 240 watts, a frequency response of 40 Hz to 6 kHz, and a sensitivity of 10 dB.

    Therefore, we can assure you that you will receive punctual bass and that it will not be interrupted by unwanted distortion.

    Now the item weighs 5.08 kg (11.2 pounds). Which means the item is lightweight, allowing you to maneuver it effortlessly and when combined with a surface mount car speaker, you can easily install it on your car.

    It is easy to install, it comes with mounts and crosses. And you don’t need to buy anything separately as everything will be provided on the day of purchase! Therefore, you will not need to buy anything else separately.

    • Comes with a woofer with 120W (RMS), 4ohm impedance, a frequency response of 40Hz-6kHz
    • The tweeters have 4-ohm impedance, a frequency response of 800Hz to 20kHz ensure superior quality
    • The build is extremely durable, and it is also easy to install
    • Comes with crossovers and mountings with the purchase
    • The item weighs 11.2 pounds
    • Has dimensions of 16x11x15 inches

      4. Pioneer TS-MS650PRO 6-3/4

      best car speakers for metal

      If you are looking for a loudspeaker that can produce significant sound pressure levels, then you are looking for the right product. This one will take away the boredom of long car trips as you can enjoy amazing, high-quality music all the time!

      It is built with passionate music lovers in mind. To ensure that this component does not bend under pressure, it is equipped with a high-strength stamped steel frame. So you can count on its strength and stability with your eyes closed!

      The lightweight pulp cone material mixed with a corrugated edge gives this model enough flexibility to produce extremely heavy and superb bass.

      With the help of the woofer driver, this speaker has the means to deliver the perfect balance between power handling and output.

      You’ll hear highs that are excellently sharp and clear thanks to the bullet clamps. Therefore, the high-decibel sounds produced by this ingenious speaker will not shake or break.

      With 1000 watts of maximum power handling capacity, this unit will break the limits of your car audio systems and allow you to hear the best sounds.

      One of the best things about this thing is its beautiful design. If you care how your speakers look and how they deliver top-notch performance, you will be impressed.You will get a lot of volume and clarity from an inexpensive product if you decide to go for this item.

      • Produces impressively punchy lows and clear highs
      • Strikes the perfect balance between power and output
      • Strikes the perfect balance between power and output
      • Loud enough for open shows at a budget
      • Slightly Heavier Than Other Speakers In Its Class

      5. Pioneer TS-A1680F

      best car speakers for metal

      Pioneer has been in the car audio and entertainment systems business for a long time and managed to capture a leading position in the market. Their TS-A1680F speakers are pleasantly some of the best 6.5 car bass speakers. You’ll get an incredible balance of power, performance, and versatility with this product.

      For starters, the most impressive feature of this speaker is Pioneer’s OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept. This ensures a smooth and consistent transition between the tweeter units and the midrange. So you would get an optimized frequency response that you won’t be able to find in most other speakers.

      The 4-way speakers are equipped with IMPP cone reinforced with carbon and mica. Combined with the magnetic circuitry and long, symmetrical voice coil, this audio loudspeaker produces superbly rich bass and bass with rock bottom possible distortion.

      For excellent, lucid highs, this thing is provided with twin 11mm polyethylene terephthalate hard dome tweeters. They will ensure that loud sounds are not distorted or broken so that you can hear loud music with sufficient clarity and clarity!

      This unit can withstand tons of pressure because it had been designed with top-quality components. High heat resistance wire voice coils along with ferrite magnet motor frame grilles enhance product durability.

      And to form the installation process easier, the item comes with multi-fit installation adapters. This not only helps it to fit perfectly but also increases acoustic performance.

      • Offers optimum frequency response
      • Durable design makes it long-lasting
      • Produces great bass and sharp highs
      • Comes with a car sound simulator app
      • The mid-range leaves a bit to be desired

      6. Pioneer TS6900PRO PRO

      best car speakers for metal

      If you are looking for the best subwoofer door speakers, then the products from this company are the ones to look for! If you are looking for one of the best, the TS6900Pro is one for you, as it has all the advantages you could be looking for in a car audio system.

      First of all, the item’s stylish look makes it an excellent choice for your car interior. It has a black color with a futuristic look, and we guarantee that it will complement your car’s interior.

      But, this bad boy is not all for the show, as we suggest that you choose this one only if you are looking for a louder and clearer sound.

      The 2-way speaker is rated at 600 watts. And because of such a high rating, we guarantee that the speaker will be able to output very loud, high-frequency sounds without fuss.

      And its combined pulp woofer and bullet tweeters ensure to give you sounds ranging from low, mid, and high frequencies.

      In addition, its high sensitivity allows it to efficiently detect different frequencies and gives you clear sound at all times. Additionally, the product has a weight reading of 8 pounds. And, due to its feathery characteristics, installing the item is like a walk in the park.

      And it has dimensions that allow it to do so without complications, which makes it suitable for almost all vehicles in the world.

      • Compact dimensions and lightweight feature enable easy-installation
      • The speaker has a watt reading of 600 watts
      • Has a blended pulp woofer and bullet tweeters
      • The design of the speaker is very sleek
      • The speaker weighs 8-pounds
      • Dimensions of the item are 7x7x7 inches

        7. Polk Audio DB652 Black

        best car speakers for metal

        Polk Audio DB652 Black Ultramarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers If you are looking for one of the best 6.5 bass speakers, Polk Audio is an excellent choice.

        The company has existed for almost 50 years, and in such a short time, it has become one of its products that has become one of the best on the market.

        The color of the speaker is black, and it has an exquisite design. And, thanks to this speaker, it blends seamlessly with the interior of most vehicles. Plus, it weighs 4 pounds and thus allows you to smoothly maneuver the item and install it hassle-free.

        And your DB562 is a must-have if you are a huge Polk fan! The speakers come with a sensitivity of 92 decibels. Therefore, it allows the speaker to emit sounds with various frequencies.

        Additionally, the speaker ensures exceptional clarity and sound quality when combined with its 40 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response. In addition, it is a nominal power of 100 watts that allows to emit a louder sound than conventional speakers.

        So with it, you get exceptional clarity, louder sound, and superior sound quality. And, at such an affordable price, almost anyone can enjoy optimal speaker performance.

        In addition, it comes with a waterproof edge, which gives exceptional longevity and enhances the durability factor of the item.

        Lastly, its lightweight feature allows for easy installation, thereby reducing the effort required to install and enjoy the exceptional sound quality.

        • 100-Watt peak power assures louder sound every time
        • 92 dB sensitivity and 40 Hz to 22kHz frequency response enables it to make a sound in all frequencies
        • Waterproof surround assures that the item is more long-lasting
        • Energetic balance system provides superior quality
        • It weighs merely 4-pounds
        • Has a dimension of 16×15.2×7.5 inches

          8. NVX 6 1/2 inch Professional Grade

          best car speakers for metal

          Next, we have a set from NVX, advertised as a professional upgrade for its stock speakers, that certainly won’t disappoint. They’re also a reasonably low-watt option, so they’ll work with most factory car speaker amps. They are very affordable in price, making them an ideal quick-replacement choice.

          They appear to be very well made and feature some excellent components, especially considering other price regions’ models.

          They are a class 2-way array that has a rugged 6.5-inch vacuum-molded polypropylene woofer cone with a high-quality acoustic damping environment.

          The woofer delivers powerful bass and the high-energy 1-inch silk dome tweeter handles the treble. They have a built-in high-temperature KSV voice coil that helps prevent overheating.

          The crossover is well designed and calculated. The mix seems quite natural; nothing sounds out of place or unfairly matched. They offer excellent clarity, the bass doesn’t break down, and together they have a maximum power handling of 160 watts per pair (RMS around 80).

          • Affordably priced.
          • 80 RMS per pair.
          • Premium parts.
          • 6.5 inches size

            9. Kicker DSC650 Speakers

            best car speakers for metal

            Kicker has a renowned heritage in providing affordable yet quality car speakers. Their DS series in-car speakers are no exception. It is a 2-way speaker. Fortunately, the DSC650 offers more for its price.

            They generally have a clear sound with good bass. Other than that, these woofers also boast excellent midrange and treble. More importantly, the DSC650 uses robust polyester foam edges. If you don’t like giant booming trunk subwoofers, they are an ideal choice for you.

            Equally important, these loudspeakers feature ½” top balanced dome tweeters. Even during heavy tracks, the tweeters are handy for playing high-frequency ranges.

            As a result, they bring an energetic atmosphere and vibe to music. The DCS650 can also manage a lot of power. They are also quite loud, as they can put out up to 240 watts.

            How you handle bass depends on how you set it up. The speakers include the necessary splice connectors to facilitate stress-free mounting.

            These subwoofers can be a significant upgrade to your vehicle’s sound system. They exceed most expectations for other door speakers in their price range.

            • Comes at a reasonable price
            • Excellent full-range sound
            • Great volume
            • Delivers a decent amount of bass
            • Sometimes they distort sound

            10. JBL GT7-6C Speakers

            best car speakers for metal

            Do you want car speakers with quality materials, an attractive design, and an affordable price? Well, the JBL GT7-6C has it all. First of all, you can’t help but notice the speaker’s striking appearance.

            Like other JBL speaker counterparts, it also has a wide coverage area. Through this, this speaker can deliver impressive bass.

            Second, its dome tweeters have an advantage. For this reason, it provides a more natural sound over a wide range. With this feature, you ensure clear and crisp voices.

            Third, the propylene cones of the speaker have a large surface area. By increasing the low-frequency output and high sensitivity, the speaker delivers more accurate sounds.

            Speaking of frequencies, the JBL GT7-6C speakers have a 21 kHz frequency range. Therefore, they provide excellent sound regardless of tone.

            Additionally, this speaker includes two external crossovers, two tweeters, and two 6.5-inch woofers. It has a maximum power of 150 watts and can handle a power of 50 watts RMS.

            The speakers are much more reliable than the factory ones. Lastly, plug them into an amp, and they’ll still deliver a fantastic performance.

            • Wider range of high frequency
            • Provides clear and more natural sound
            • Vast surface area for more prominent bass
            • Very striking design
            • Includes grilles for a custom installation
            • They may glitch at high volumes

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Do I need a car stereo amplifier?

            Well, it is not entirely necessary. However, a car audio amplifier will significantly improve the sound quality and experience in your vehicle.

            Will the door speakers improve the sound of my radio?
            Unfortunately not. There are no car speakers, not even the best ones that can. The reason is that the speakers will not affect the FM radio signals.

            However, you will find that signal quality varies as you drive, especially in urban environments.

            What is the best car door speaker size?

            Since cars come in different sizes, so do door speakers. Most of the speakers measure 6.5 inches, while others measure 6 x 9 inches. Take a look at the best 8-inch car subwoofer or the best 12-inch car subwoofer.

            Subwoofers are typically 8 to 18 inches in size. You can also look for the best 18-inch subwoofer for the money. Most tweeters, on the other hand, vary between 1 and 2 inches.


            As a bass lover, there are numerous clarifications to your problem. Still, finding the ideal door speaker can be quite tiring.

            Through this review, we present you with some speaker suggestions that are worth your time. By now, we think you’re all set to buy the best car speakers for metal.

            They boast excellent power handling. Furthermore, they include silk tweeters to ensure brilliant high frequencies. The speakers also include a rear multi-fiber woofer. With this, they improve the bass response.

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