Top 10 Best Inverters for Semi Trucks in 2021: Information and Reviews

Inverters are a key component of any truck owner’s vehicle. It is crucial that they maintain the correct voltage in order for their battery and all of its other electronics to function properly.

They can be used as an emergency power source or for powering up tools and equipment at a jobsite. The inverter market has become more competitive over the years, with new models coming out every year.

We have compiled an extensive list of some of our favorite inverters from top brands like Honda Power Equipment,

so you can find the best Inverters for semi trucks! Read on to learn more about what makes each model different and why we recommend them.

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If you don’t have much time to read the complete article. Then I am going to share with you the Best Inverters for Semi Trucks that you can use in emergency situations. Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000 Watt is designed to help your electronics be safe and charged.

It has a place for an AC plug that gives stable current, 2.4A USB ports that ensure quick charging, and a digital display with safety features like overvoltage protection, overheating protection, and under-voltage detection.

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000 Watt

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000 Watt
  • This is a true rated 3000Watt power inverter(Modified Sine Wave) 12 Volt DC,provides 3000W continuous power and 6000W surge power.
  • 3000W heavy duty inverter which is deal for trucks,RV, boats, or power failure emergencies for storm,hurricane.
  • Inverter with Remote Control: cable length 15ft,the long cable will help you control the inverter ON/OFF easily. 

Buying Guide Before Purchasing the Best Inverters for Semi Trucks

Every time you make a purchase, it is important to keep a few things in mind. A correct choice guarantees you to select the best Inverters for semi trucks.

If you are new, this can be tricky. First, decide your needs and requirements. Our comprehensive guide reviews many things to consider.


Most people have a common belief that great power inverters are the best. Fortunately, it is not always correct. You will notice that the size of a unit has less to do with power delivery and capacity. The size of your product should fully fit your store and place. Consider measuring it if you have a place to mount it.

Modified or sine wave

Power inverters for semi-trailers or RVs are available on the market in two variants. They are a sine wave or modified wave technology. Both of the above-mentioned techniques come with their uses and meaning.

If you plan to equip your truck with energy-sensitive tools, such as drilling machines, it is recommended that you stick with a sine wave inverter. The technology delivers power without hindrance or fluctuation.


Knowing the connectivity is essential. It helps you to connect and assemble your device accurately. Find out the type of outlet your power inverter has. In most cases, low-power inverters have few USB ports and AC outlets.

By contrast, high-powered ones come with at least three outlets and multiple USB ports. If you carry more devices around you, you should choose the model that meets the requirements.


Safety! Safety! It is in vain if your choice does not offer enough protection for you and your devices. Since inverters deal with electricity, high-quality safety features are important.

This will save the user from unnecessary electrical troubles and emergencies. Current electrical problems include overvoltage, overheating, and overload. That way, choose a unit that has a thermal cooler.


The prices of the different power inverters can depend on several factors, such as the type of sine wave, the power, and more. It’s always good to go for high-priced products, but the less expensive are also better. The point is that you should refrain from overspending. Instead, stick with your budget.

Top 10 Best Inverters for Semi Trucks – Reviews

1. Energizer 1500 Watt Power Inverter

ENERGIZER 1500 is well-designed with preciseness and uniqueness. Therefore, you’ll find it easy to use and operate. Also, the design of this unit makes it light in weight and portable for hassle-free storage and carry around. Still, its installation is smoother than ever as compared to other devices in the market.

This Inverter is a trucker’s best friend. It delivers 1500W in output and has up to 3000W surge protection! You can also regulate the supply even if you’re using an electric system with more voltage than normal, but that isn’t all this great product offers. The two USB ports will help keep your phone charged or power your laptop while at home on the go for work purposes; it couldn’t get any better than that!

The Inverter has a security measure to protect the device from short circuits, overloads, and high temperatures. It also comes with an LCD display that tells you about your Inverter’s health and how much charge it has left.

  • It’s easy to install and use
  • Designed with modified sine wave tech
  • Works silently
  • Durable and serves for many years
  • Easy to tract the charge percentage
  • LCD may be prone to damages

2. VOLTWORKS 2000 Watt Power Inverter

This 2000 watt power inverter from VOLTWORKS has its sights set on mobility. It’s not only made of high-quality materials but also safe for truckers who spend weeks while camping. The multi-protection feature that includes output short circuit, over current protection, and short circuits enhances safety.

With a reliable cooling fan, this inverter is quieter and more energy-efficient. The remote control also allows for easy on/off control of the device from up to 15 feet away with no wires required. This VOLTWORKS 2000 watt power inverter is an incredible investment for those looking to charge their electronics and have a safe, reliable way of doing so.

The aluminum casing ensures that the device stays cool while in use which helps it last longer than similar models on the market today. This product has dual USB ports as well as three AC outlets all at once!

  • Made of quality materials (aluminium housing)
  • Energy efficient
  • Operates silently
  • Offers full-protection
  • Comes with remote control technology
  • It’s portable
  • Might drain the battery faster

3. KRIËGER 2000 Watt Power Inverter

Krieger is a brand well-known for their products of all kinds. They specialize in power inverters and have been ISO 9001, ROHS certified, MET CS UL approved since day 1! Today’s special product will be the KRIEGER 24V DC to 120 VAC 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter that has 4 AC outlets with surge protection built into it so your electronics can get some juice when you need them most without any worries

This 2000 Watt power inverter gives 4000 Watt peak performance. This modified sine wave inverter 12V DC power into 120V AC power, and it comes with a 3 ft. battery cable to connect your Truck’s battery accessory like radios or alarm systems in the event of an emergency where you can’t find electricity sources nearby.

The Krieger KR2000-12 power inverter has an inbuilt protection mechanism which includes overload, over voltage and under voltage. These features are prominently marked on the LCD screen that accompanies this device.

To get the best service from your Krieger KR2000-12 power inverter, make sure you install it in a good space that is not too hot inside of your vehicle. Also, avoid direct sunlight at all costs because this can negatively affect the unit, just like with humans.

  • MET approved and ISO certified power inverter.
  • Includes LCD screen to show essential information like warnings.
  • Lightweight inverter that can be used in different situations outdoors of indoors.
  • Wired remote control to get access from a distance.
  • Best choice for work trucks.
  • Modified sine wave inverter.

4. Power Inverter 3000 Watt by Grandel

If you’re looking for a power inverter that can work with all your electronics and appliances, then the Grandel 3000 Watt Power Inverter is definitely worth checking out. This unit has a heavy-duty design to handle large items like refrigerators or electric stoves, which other units might not be able to accomplish as well.

But even though this product does what it needs to do very well, its price tag isn’t too shabby either; especially considering how much money people spend on these types of products anyways!

This powerful power strip is designed to keep your electronics safe and charged. It has AC terminal blocks for stable current, 2.4A USB ports that ensure quick charging, and an intelligent digital display with safety features like overvoltage protection, overheats protection, and under-voltage detection.

The truck owner won’t struggle with installation and use. It’s widely applicable means that you can use it in trucks, boats, and RV trailers. You’ll love its LED display and remote control for easy ON/OFF functionality to avoid any power failure emergencies from hurricanes or storms.

  • Installation is hassle-free
  • Delivers fast charging to electronics and appliances
  • 100% safety protection
  • Cables included
  • Offers remarkable performance
  • Easy to control using a remote device
  • Not easily affordable/pricey

5. GoWISE Power PS1004 3000W

GoWISE Power is one of the best-selling inverters on Amazon. With its maximum efficiency, it’s perfect for sensitive equipment and computers. You can’t miss out with this product if you’re looking to power your TV or laptop while in a campervan.

This Power Inverter has five safety features that will keep you and your devices safe from harm. It can handle up to 6000 watts of power, so it is perfect for tools that use a lot of power.

With four access points for 3 AC outlets and one USB port, this model is designed with an additional remote controller installation port in order to keep your home theater running smoothly.

The green or red LEDs on the front notify you about power mode status as well as fault modes. This sleek design also offers a 1-year limited warranty when purchased so it’s worth knowing if you’re looking for something portable.

  • Offers high-end service
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Features multiple protection systems
  • Has great efficiency
  • Operates quietly
  • Not relatively cheap
  • Some customers point out to poor customer services

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6. Tripp Lite Power Compact Inverter for Truck

For the most part, having 2000 watts of power for your truck is more than enough to use a variety of devices. For example, televisions use about 250 watts, a DVD player uses 40, and a space heater needs about 1000 to 1500 watts to operate. That means you can have all three electronic devices turned on at the same time.

However, if you need even more power, then you should go for the Tripp Lite Power Inverter. With a capacity of 3000 watts, you can use almost anything without worry. Not only that, but it also provides four AC outlets for more versatility. A crucial element of any power inverter is its ability to deliver more power when turning on a device.

In many cases, your electronic devices can use twice as many watts to startup, which means you must have an inverter that can handle them. This model offers up to 6000 watts of peak power, but what makes it even better is that it can hold it for up to 10 seconds. Most inverters will shut down after a couple of seconds so that it will be much more reliable.

Finally, we like the power efficiency of this inverter. Compared to other units, this delivers up to 94% of the energy produced by the battery. Overall, this means you can do a lot more without wasting electricity. To make it better, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • 3000-watt capacity
  • Four AC outlets
  • On/off switch built-in
  • 6000-watt peak power
  • 10 seconds of surge capability
  • In rare cases, the breakers may start to trip easily
  • On rare occasions, the unit may generate a strong burning odor

7. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter for Semi Truck

Ampeak has been in the automotive industry since 1977 and it’s the best Inverters for semi trucks. They are a leading dealer of STL and ETL products, which they provide to customers for 2000W to power their devices smoothly while maximizing performance output. The exceptional model is perfect if you’re looking just for high-quality power.

This inverter has a remote control, so you can do things like turn it on and off. It also includes 2 USB ports for charging your devices, as well as 3 AC outlets which allow multiple appliances to be plugged in at the same time without any issues of power surge or voltage drop.

The power inverter has a digital display that shows you the wattage and voltage of your system. It also shuts down if the power gets too high or low or if there is an overload of some kind.

This inverter is a lifesaver! With the audible alarm and cooling fan, you’ll never have to worry about your device overheating. The alert will notify you when critical warnings arise while ABS material provides all-around protection for durability.

  • The inverter is ETL certified
  • Smart digital display notifies the output wattage and input voltage
  • It’s durable
  • Ideal for RV and trucks for long road trips
  • The automatic shutdown feature enhances safety
  • Not suitable for large appliances like refrigerators

8. ERAYAK 3000W Power Inverter 

This power inverter comes with a sturdy build quality that ensures the device will last for years to come. With an aluminum alloy casing and net weight of 13.39 lb or 6 kgs, it is extremely lightweight and easy to transport around on your semi-truck.

The Inverter is rated for 2000 watts of continuous power output and a surge up to 4000. It comes with six 30 amp fuses as security measure, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and more.

This Inverter has 2 AC outlets of 110 volts and 2 USB ports. So, you can use this to run DVD players, TV’s or computers because it is easy to install in the truck for long trips as well providing power when needed during emergencies.

  • Comes with all the necessary installation accessories
  • Has multiple safety protection features
  • Build with aluminum alloy
  • Has Auto cooling fan
  • TUV approved
  • Will produce noise

9. Edecoa 2000 Watt Power Inverter for Truck

When it comes to power efficiency and performance, this energy inverter from Edecoa Power is one of the best. It has multiple internal systems that ensure you get the most out of your electricity needs.

First, it offers up to 2000 watts of power. Second, it uses automatic voltage regulation to prevent overvoltages from occurring. You then have smart fan control to keep internal parts cool and save energy.

Finally, it comes with protection against all kinds of disasters, such as heating or low-power modes. The weight and size of this inverter are also unbelievable, making it easy to install in the cab of your truck.

Not only that, but the one-year warranty gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you won’t experience any problems.

  • 2000-watt capacity
  • 4000 watts peak power
  • Three AC outlets provided
  • Remote control interface
  • LCD screen for data display
  • In rare cases, the unit may shut off unexpectedly
  • No USB ports provided

10. Cobra CPI2590 Portable Power Inverter

COBRA has some of the best power inverters on the market. For example, they have an excellent 130 watt to 2500 watts option which requires very little maintenance and is easy to install! We will be reviewing this one specifically because it can supply up to 5000 watts in peak output- so you know your electronics are going to work perfectly with it inside your truck or van.

It comes with the famous “Cobra Pentagon Protection” that offers 5 levels of protection. For instance, it has safety features like over-voltage shutdown, overheats shutdown, reverses polarity, and low voltage alarm, among others. The net dimension is 10 x 9 inches, while its weight weighs about 6 pounds or 2.7 kgs.

2500 watts of power is enough to run most electrical appliances you would need on a semi-truck. The LED screen shows the important information at all times and integrates 3 AC outlets as well as 1 USB port for powering up your phone or laptop.

  • 3 AC outlets for connecting more devices concurrently
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Has an LED display
  • Portable design
  • Only one USB ports
  • Modified sine wave technology

Power inverter vs. Portable generator

As a highway or long-distance driver, using a portable generator just won’t be feasible. Space in your vehicle will be at a premium, and your business may not allow it. But for those who contemplate such an idea, here are the basic differences between the two.

  • Power inverters do not generate electricity. They take DC power from a truck (or any vehicle) battery and reverse (or change) the power to AC so your devices can use the power.
  • Portable generators actually create their own electricity by using some type of combustion engine (gas, diesel, propane, etc.). Of course, you couldn’t keep them running in a cabin or bedroom because of the exhaust. Due to its size, you probably won’t have room for one in your truck.

Installing The Power Inverter On Semi Truck

Best Inverters for Semi Trucks – FAQ

What is really a power inverter?

The current inverter is a device that transforms direct current into alternating current and can be used by connecting it to a battery. Electrical devices can be battery operated with power inverters.

Why do I need a power inverter?

The power inverter is necessary if you want to use electrical devices in your vehicle. People install power inverters in their vehicles to power televisions, DVD players, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

Does the power inverter drain the car battery faster?

A power inverter can drain your vehicle’s battery faster if you use it while you’re not driving. But it seems to work fine if you are using their service while driving your vehicle.

Can I attach more than one battery to the power inverter?

Yes. You can connect two or more batteries if you want to use devices that require more voltage.

How to install an inverter on my truck?

If the power inverter you purchased has a cigarette lighter adapter, it can be easily attached to your car battery. Otherwise, you can get help from professionals.

How long will the power inverter supply power?

It really depends on what type of battery you are using and what devices you are using with the help of an inverter. A 12-volt battery can last a long time if the power inverter is good and reduces the additional waste of electricity.

What is the difference between pure and modified sine waves of inverters?

Pure sine wave is better as it is more suitable for newer electronic devices and keeps them intact. The modified sine wave can be used for older models of electronic devices.

Does a power inverter give off heat?

A power inverter can emit heat, and to keep it cool, a thermal fan is installed inside it.

Can I use all kinds of devices with a power inverter?

It depends on the investor. You must ensure that the device is compatible with power inverters.
Can the inverter be used in other places besides my vehicle?
Yes. You just need a good battery, and that’s it.


With our best power inverter for semitrailer overhaul, we hope you now have the upper hand when making a decision. While the best products bring happiness and satisfaction, the faulty power inverters cause problems for your devices. With that said, we recommend that you consider different models on our list.

Although all the products are perfect, our best pick is GoWISE Power PS1004 3000W. It outperforms others when it comes to performance and high-end service delivery. If you are passionate about driving and adventure, this power inverter is easy to use, portable and versatile. Importantly, it is versatile enough to power many tools and equipment. Once you purchase, you will know more!

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