Top 10 Best Led Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Having a proper Jeep light bar installed in your Wrangler is paramount for effective off-road navigation. After all, the path is full of dangers; Being able to navigate those hazards successfully without getting stuck or incurring costly damage to your Jeep depends on maintaining proper visibility in all conditions.

That’s why having the best led light bar for jeep wrangler is essential before your next outing. But there is a lot to consider when shopping for the perfect Jeep light bar.

Today, the market is dominated by LEDs, mainly thanks to their winning combination of low power consumption, high performance, long service life, and affordability, so weighing different types of light bulbs against each other is almost unnecessary.

However, the off-roader still has to take into account factors such as the beam pattern (spot, flood, or combination), illumination level, and the durability and weather resistance rating of the casing.

If that sounds like a lot to you, relax. Our team of experts has rounded up ten of the best brands in the business, covering a range of prices for your consideration.

While we will focus on the best led light bar for jeep wrangler, they have a variety of options for you to choose from according to your needs.

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If you don’t have time to read this article and you’re in a hurry, one choice is AutoFeel LED Light Bar Kit. It includes a 52-inch light bar that will fit over the manhole cover, 4-inch capsules which attach to the light bar with quick-release clamps, and a bracket for attaching it all together

Or. If you don’t like this as much, I am going to give you a buying guide that will help you choose the Best Led Light Bar For jeep Wrangler. This is going to include many things that need to be checked.

AutoFeel LED Light Bar Kit

AutoFeel LED Light Bar Kit
  • Adopt high-class LED chips. It can be used as a daytime driving light(DRL). An Illuminating light also a signal light.
  • Spot & Flood combo beam, super bright beam keeps you safe when you driving at day and night.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof, which guarantees you could drive in heavy rain or dust safely without worrying damaged. Good electrical conductivity, high temperature and melting resistant.

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Led Light Bar For jeep Wrangler

Today, you can buy any light bar online for a fraction of the price of what it used to cost, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do your due diligence and shop around to find the best product that meets your needs. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a Jeep Wrangler LED light bar.

Product range

Product ranges are one way to determine if a manufacturer is serious about its commitment. “One size fits all” is often an exaggeration and should be treated as such. A leading manufacturer understands that different customers seek to satisfy different needs. He points out that having a good range of products gives them a better chance of finding the right product, be it ready-made or custom.

Product package

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want the complete package? A good light bar product should come with mounting hardware, a complete plug and play wiring harness, an illuminated dash switch, and a relay. Even if you don’t use the attached wiring kits, as most practical Jeep owners often don’t, they should be the least you could get in a package when purchasing your lightbar. Again, this will tell you the thoroughness and thoughts that manufacturers put into producing these products.

LED manufacturer

The quality of a light bar can do a lot with its LED chips. Several manufacturers, such as CREE® and OSRAM®, are known to produce high-quality LED chips with high lumen output and long service life. This is worth doing your own research to help you identify the intrinsic value of a light bar. It will also save you a great deal of time and money down the road if you opt for more reputable brands.

Your make and model of car

This one is pretty obvious. You need to consider the make and model of your car to make sure your purchase is compatible with it. Alternatively, you can purchase light bar holders and holders separately from retailers. This will give you some flexibility to combine the best light on the market with the most suitable mount for your Jeep.

Types of light

There are several types of LED light bars on the market, the most common: spotlight, floodlight, and combination. Spotlight allows you to center or focus light on a particular area and at a great distance. However, it is not widely distributed. Floodlight, on the other hand, allows you to illuminate a larger space within a short distance.

Lastly, as the name suggests, a combination light includes spotlights and spotlights, allowing for maximum illumination and multi-use applications. However, since a combo is made up of different beam patterns housed underneath a shell, it doesn’t offer much flexibility if you want to use those beams separately. The solution for that is to opt for several shorter bars, which can be installed separately and adjusted to your needs.

Lumens and power output

Lumens is a unit used to measure the visibility (or often the brightness) of a light source. The higher the lumens output, the brighter the source will be and, therefore, the higher the visibility. Wattage indicates the amount of power it takes to achieve that lumen output. It is worth considering how much energy a light bar will consume. If it requires a large amount of energy to function, it can put pressure on your system.

It is also important not to compare lumen output and wattage independently. To compare Likes to Likes, the recommended unit is Lumens per Watt (LM / W).

IP rating

When it comes to durability, IP ratings are what you need to consider when purchasing your lightbar. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which classifies a product’s susceptibility to elements such as dust, rain, etc. Higher ratings mean a better and more protective case.

Size and number of bars you need

Currently, commercially available LED light bars to come in different sizes, ranging from 8 to 52 inches in length. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can get away with a large light bar. Alternatively, you can go for a smaller set of light bars, which is more versatile and can serve more than one purpose.

Warranty and after-sales service

A good extended warranty program is a common factor to consider when choosing a light bar. While a good product should have good longevity, such a warranty helps give you peace of mind, especially when shopping online, and avoid additional repair costs in the event of damage.

Top 10 Best Led Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler – Reviews

1. YITAMOTOR 52” 300W Combo + 2 Spot LED Light Bars

With a 27,000 lumens output, this Yitamotor 52 light bar Provides an extremely bright beam of light, illuminating everything in and out of my way. It is hands down the best led light bar for jeep wrangler, you can buy it online for the price it costs.

Despite the extreme weather conditions I’ve subjected it to, the case remains solid, with no condensation issues and little else to complain about. In saying that, I have been quite good at providing the proper care, at least more than what is required of me.

I like the most about its combined beam pattern, made up of two spotlights and a spot beam, which allows for superior visibility at night. The two additional light bars give me a more than enough concentrated beam of light for my night expeditions.

This system is a perfect replacement for my driving light when alone on the road. This version also offers an improved lens glass, which is now able to withstand high impact while allowing high light transmission at the same time.

The bolts are not made of the best quality materials, so they rust pretty quickly. But this is a minor hiccup and was easily fixed with another stainless steel bolt kit I picked up at Walmart. With the amount of money it costs, this extra purchase hardly hurts my wallet. Installation can take some time and effort, but once everything is in place, it remains stable.

  • The bright and strong white light of 27K Lumens
  • Basic installation is user-oriented
  • The item is both water- and dirt-resistant
  • No amber covers for the pots included

2. AutoFeel LED Light Bar Kit – 52 Inch Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler

This is a jeep light bar kit including 52 “OSRAM Auto feel chips and 22” Spot Beam white LED light bars with 32000 lumens, four units of 4 “6000K Combo LED light capsules you can use for your Jeep Wrangler Ford Truck Boat.

In the kit, you will find the Adopt OSRAM LED chips that you can use during the day as a daytime running light (DRL). With the illumination light, you can also use the adoption of OSRAM light-emitting diode chips as the signal lights in your Jeep.

The included Spot and Combo beam ensure a wide and bright view. While driving at night, the beautiful and expansive view mode keeps you safe as you will have a brilliant view of the road, avoiding different road hazards with ease.

When buying any product, you are looking for a durable product where you will not incur replacement costs from time to time. IP68 and excellent material make this lightweight Jeep durable as it is water and dust resistant.

The IP68 rating allows you to drive in heavy rain without worrying about rust damage. The excellent material serves better in electrical conductivity and offers resistance to high temperatures.

Driving takes different directions and angles, so you need a Jeep light that can be adjusted with the edge of the unit. This Jeep light works best here as you can change it in 0/15/90/180 degrees.

The LED light bar kit includes a 52-inch light bar, four 4-inch capsules, and a manhole bracket to make the assembly process easy. You’ll also love hearing about a 3-year warranty on the Light Emitting Diode Light Kit and lifetime customer service.

  • The bars make a combo pattern that is acceptable for floodlighting
  • Aluminium housing provides a cooling effect
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Best for off-road lighting
  • The OSRAM Chips provides bright white light
  • Its water and dustproof
  • The kit can be used universally in several Jeeps Wranglers
  • The pods are easy to install
  • The lightbar might not precisely fit 52-inch

3. OEDRO 52” 758W LED Light Bar + 2 Driving Light Pods

The OEDRO light bar emits an excellent beam of cool white light (6000K) for daylight effect and helps to increase my concentration on the road, which is very necessary when driving at night. I particularly like the three-row LED chip design.

There are no significant differences between triple and double row designs as it is highly dependent on power. Having an extra row of LED chips makes the light bar more reliable if some of the chips burn out and become less bright in the future.

Another great advantage of this product is that it comes with two extra light capsules, with an output of 1600 lumens each, which represents excellent value for money for the amount of money I have spent on it. The only downside to the current setup is that I cannot operate the light capsules separately from the LED light bar.

However, there is an easy fix for that, which requires a little modification to the power module. If you are skilled or know someone who is, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Another flaw with this product is, and you will find many others that will echo this sentiment on the internet, that it makes a hissing noise while driving, which can be a nuisance.

This noise is created when air passes under the bar and through the cooling fins. There are a number of ways you can help prevent or minimize this problem, which I’ll cover later in this article.

  • Brilliant cool white light
  • Triple row of LED chips for higher reliability
  • Bonus light pods included in the package
  • Extra light pods can’t be run individually
  • Making whistling noise

4. LEDKINGDOMUS 300W 52 inches Light Bar with Mounting Brackets for Jeep Wrangler

The LEDKINGDOMUS light bar is a Jeep light worth buying. The light forms a COMBO pattern that can add additional lighting to your Jeep, TJ Wrangler. Auxiliary lights will complement the headlights and make your Jeep Wrangler look outstanding.

When you install the light in your Jeep, you expect a high-intensity light to help you in the dark, and this is what the LEDKINGDOMUS light bar presents.

With an output of 27,000 lumens, it is well worth the intensity of light you need. A useful tip here is that you will enjoy high-intensity lighting for an extended period of more than 50,000 hours.

In support of long hours of operation, the LEDKINGDOMUS lightbar comes with a sturdy body structure that is a robust construction to survive whatever tough terrain you go to. You can navigate the muddiest areas without fear of damage, as the LEDKINGDOMUS lightbar is made from aluminium housing.

Rust and dust are the main factors that make your light bar less durable, but rust and dirt stay away with the waterproof body of this light bar. Besides dust and water, the LEDKINGDOMUS light bar is also made to be earthquake-proof and anti-explosion.

The LEDKINGDOMUS light bar is a universal light bar that you can use for off-road vehicles, on engineering vehicles such as excavators, trucks, select vehicles such as fire truck. Its different forms give you the reason to buy it. Please note that you can use it for camping, boating, garden lighting, outdoor landscaping, hotels, or even your home.

If you use the Jeep Wrangler TJ designed between the years 1997-2006, the 52-inch LEDKINGDOMUS light bar is very applicable for you.

Once you have purchased the LEDKINGDOMUS light bar package, you will get a 300W bar, mounting accessories like cables and mounting brackets that are all compatible with your Jeep Wrangler TJ.

  • Great lighting for a small budget
  • Solid housing to protect the light bar from adverse weather and impact
  • Free from condensation and calcium buildup
  • nability to run spot and flood lights separately

5. Rough Country 50″ LED Light Bar Windshield Brackets

Most light bars can be expertly installed under the windshield. If you need to install the light bar on top of your Jeep’s windshield, you must have some brackets to help you with the installation. Among the best of these mounts are the 70504 Rough Country LED Bar Top Windshield Mounts 50 “.

The 50 “Rough Country 70504 LED Bar Top Windshield Bracket is designed to help attach light bars measuring 50-5 / 16 inches from one attachment point to the other. It is suitable for attaching the light bar to the roof of your Wrangler or between the top of your cowboy’s windshield.

It is compatible with both double rows 50 inches straight LED light bar, and single row 50 inch straight LED light bar.

For the safety of your lightbar and permanent lightbar attachment, the 70504 Rough Country LED Bar Windshield Top Mount 50 “is made of tough, robust aluminium metal coated with black powder.

In case of any damage during use, be sure to have a lifetime warranty to help you repair the 50 “top bracket of the 70504 raws LED bar windshield or replace it when necessary.

  • Well-built with strength and sturdiness
  • Durable and resilient coat
  • Easy to set up
  • Offering a flashy new look to the vehicle
  • Powder-coated, thus susceptible to corrosion and rust

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6. TURBO SII 50” LED Light Bar + 2 LED Fog Light Pods

This is a hefty product bundle that comes with a few extras and a complete wiring kit.

What I like about the LED light bar is its solid structure and material. It has shown no signs of rust or corrosion, despite having been subjected to some harsh environments. Like most combined beam light bars, it provides a great deal of excellent cool white light that leaves no stretches of road unlit. I can’t find any details online regarding its lumen output, but there’s hardly a reason to complain for the amount of money it’s worth.

I also like that it requires little maintenance. Neither calcium build-up nor condensation has been a problem for the three months I’ve had it, even without regular cleaning. Heating is not a problem either. This does not mean that it does not heat up, but the heat dissipation design has certainly delivered.

The mounting brackets are sturdy and hold the lightbar firmly in place without wobbling while riding. The housing and lens are also reliable and have proven excellent at resisting minor impacts from low hanging tree limbs or even small hail.

However, I recommend that you cover your light bar with a plastic sleeve when not in use. This will help increase its longevity and reduce the amount of maintenance. Like any other light bar, its length mounted on the windshield; it can make the aforementioned hiss, even though the retailer indicates it will be minimized. However, with a few tricks up its sleeve, that’s not a huge concern.

  • Ability to weather harsh environments
  • No condensation or calcium buildup
  • Excellent cooling design to prevent overheating
  • Good product kit with great add-ons
  • Magnificent lighting
  • Sturdy and high-quality light bar
  • Making whistling noise when driving at a certain speed

7. KEENAXIS 20 Inch 5D Upgrade Chipset LED Light Bar

If you want to buy a jeep LED light bar, I am sure you would like a universal one. You can use the work light 240W 12 inches LED light bar entirely on Polaris Golf Cart Tractor, Dodge Jeep Cherokee XJ Ford Ranger, F150 Toyota GMC Nissan and many more Wrangler Jeeps.

You will also find it to be a super bright ray useful as it requires a large radiation distance and a wide view. This light bar combines the spot beam for a large irradiation distance, the combined beam for a clear and excellent visual effect, and the flood beam for a full view. With this, you can drive off the roads with confidence.

12 Inch LED Light Bar The 240W work light has excellent and improved heat dissipation. With the dissipation area enlarged by the receding aluminium sinks, the glow can cool quickly, preventing the light bars from overheating while in operation.

Regular replacements and repairs can be expensive and sometimes inconvenient; This is why you need a durable work light, such as a 12-inch light-emitting diode light bar, 240W work light. With a rigorous and robust quality control process, you are guaranteed more than 50,000 hours of work, and with the die-cast aluminium body, durability is a guarantee.

When driving, you would need a Jeep light that can be adjusted to different viewing angles. 12-inch LED light bar 240W work light can be adjusted to about 40 degrees, making it easy to change driving direction.

12 Inch LED Light Bar The 240W work light does not require trained or trained personnel to repair or install it. You just need to locate the existing holes in the bar and use the screws. You mount it on your Jeep easily. A 12-inch 240W LED work light bar package includes a 12-inch 240W LED light bar, screws, and mounting brackets. With a one-year warranty, you will love this product.

  • Potent beams no matter low or high
  • Simplified installation
  • Durable and withstanding construction
  • The price is a lot higher than average

8. 4WDKING 50” 250W Combo Light Bar

There is a lot to like about this LED light bar, with its high-quality CREE® LED chips, one of the most reputable brands on the market. Until now, they have lived up to their reputation, emitting a light as bright as when I first bought them a year ago.

The downside to this lightbar is that it only has one row of LED chips. Having used two and three row LEDs in the past, it’s hard to get back to basics. However, its high lumen output and relatively low wattage still make it more effective than many of its dual and triple row counterparts.

The enclosure is IP68 and IP69K certified, which is a top-level resistance. Downpours, dust storms and other extreme weather conditions are not yet challenging. But in saying that, such exposure to the elements hasn’t passed without taking its toll on this light bar.

I can notice a subtle yellow tint to the lens, although this is common with many other light bars subjected to similar conditions over a period of time. Regular care and maintenance are all it took me to restore it to its original condition.

Another drawback of this product, which has nothing to do with its quality, is that it does not come with its own wiring kit. Personally, I think that this component should be the minimum that a suitable package of products can offer. While not always a must for avid users, beginners may find it challenging to put together a kit independently.

  • Long-lasting effective lighting
  • Superb housing with high IP ratings
  • Easy to maintain and care for
  • Quality CREE® LED chips for higher reliability
  • A Yellow tint on lens glass after a period of time
  • Complete wiring harness kit not included
  • A Single row of LED chips

9. QUAKEWORLD 52” 300W LED Light Bar + 2 Driving Fog Lights

This Quakeworld LED Light Bar Product Bundle includes some extras and a complete wiring harness kit. It works perfectly as intended, letting out a lot of cool white light. The combined light beam casts a focused light on everything on the road at a great distance while illuminating a wide area immediately ahead.

The problem with hiss is also common, given the length of the lightbar and its position, positioned about an inch or more above the windshield. But again, there are always quick fixes for such a problem, if it’s a big concern for you.

Another drawback lies in the supplied hardware, where the bolts provided are not long enough to hold the brackets in place. They are not made of stainless steel either, so rust could be a problem in the future. If you opt for this product, I recommend that you purchase your own bolts to get the correct fit and the best material for your Jeep.

This package includes its own wiring harness kit, and while it took me over three hours to figure it out, it worked fine when I finally got it right. The brackets are sturdy and strong, although they stick out a bit at the top.

  • Cool white light for great concentration
  • Combo light beam pattern for maximum lighting
  • Solid and rugged mounting brackets
  • A sweet all-inclusive package with its own wiring harness kit
  • Whistling noise causing nuisance
  • Bolts not of the correct size to hold gear tight

10. DOT 52-Inch LED Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler JK

52 inch DOT LED light bar, off-road light-emitting diode work light comes with 30-degree beam angle and 60 degrees combined beam angle, allowing you to adjust to any direction in which you are driving. Beam angles allow you to have a more comprehensive driving view, ensuring safe off-road driving.

When you buy a 52 inch DOT LED light bar, off road light emitting diode lights, you buy a light bar that is durable and long lasting. It is made of a die-cast aluminium body, PC surface, an iron bracket that allows it to withstand any exposure to stress and makes it last longer.

A long-lasting light bar means no repair; therefore, there are no additional costs that make 52-inch DOT LED Light Bar Off-Road Light Emitting Diode Work Lights more convenient.

Assembly and installation are much simpler and easier. DOT 52 Inch LED Light Bar Off Road Light Emitting Diode Work Lights come with two mounting brackets allowing you to connect all three lightly and directly.

This light bar kit includes a 3-lead DT connector wiring harness, consisting of a rocker switch, a 300W light bar, and three pieces of 18W work light! All of these come in one package at no additional cost!

  • Brilliant lighting at a great price
  • An all-inclusive package with lots of add-ons
  • High level of flexibility if ancillary lighting can be run separately
  • Made for multi-purpose use
  • Can be time-consuming to install everything

How To Install a Jeep Light Bar

 Frequently Asked Questions. 

Who makes the best led light bar for jeep wrangler?

Although the light bars appear to have similar functionality and quality, manufacturers differ. The best way to serve you a light bar mainly depends on your needs and the type of Jeep Wrangler it is made to fit.

There are different manufacturers of beam lights. We have Daina Electronics Co., Ltd, which has been in existence since 1989. It has been in the market for years and is ISO 9001: 2000 certified; They are the best manufacturers of light bars, among other electronic devices.

How many lumens does a Good Lightbar have?

Lumens determine the size of visible light, which is the brightness of the light bar. Different lighting bulbs have separate lumens that you need to be careful when purchasing.

An incandescent light bulb has 800 lumens, which makes its efficiency weak, and Compact Fluorescent also has 800 lumens, making it slightly efficient. A straight light bar should have about 3000 lumens with 36 watts to give about 80 lumens per watt. The power rating in watts should determine the lumens.

What’s better between the light bar and the spotlights?

Here the light bars carry the day. The light beams provide a more stable beam on the road without vibrations giving a steady and clear vision.

Lightbars require less or no adjustment even after off-road driving. They did not change position even with many blows.

Finally, the light bars have a greater lighting coverage area due to the arrangement of continuous LEDs.

How to choose a good light bar?

There are several factors that you can employ when choosing a light bar. After analyzing the condition of your Jeep, you need to consider the beam pattern, light colour, size, shape, physical construction, IP rating, connector type, and ease of mounting. Some of these factors are discussed above.

How long do LED light bars last?

The lifespan of LED light bars mainly depends on how you use them and how often you use them. The standard life of LED light bars is between 30,000 and 50,000 hours if properly maintained.


After reviewing the 10 best led light bar for jeep wrangler, you can now get the one that suits you best. Different brands of light bars will fit on different Jeep Wranglers.

You should analyze the state requirements and the type of your Jeep before deciding which light bar you are looking for. The position or part of the Jeep where you will install the lightbar will determine the type of lightbar you will choose.

Make sure to keep your installed light bars serviced and repaired when necessary to prevent further damage to them and your Jeep as well. Always read the owner’s manual before installing the lightbar in your Jeep. That will ensure that you install the lightbar accordingly, which in return will ensure your safety and the safety of your Jeep as well.

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