Top 10 Best Muffler For 4 Cylinder Truck: Ultimate Guide (2021 Best Collection)

You see them in every vehicle on the road. You know they affect the sound of a vehicle. You have also been told countless times that upgrading them is a meaningful way to increase their power and performance.

But how do silencers work their magic? What happens inside a performance muffler that affects the sound output and performance of your vehicle?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about mufflers, including how they work and the different styles and types of mufflers available.

First, we compiled our sales data, customer reviews, and automotive knowledge to put together a list of what we consider to be the best mufflers on the market—introducing Our Picks for the Top 10 best muffler for 4 cylinder truck of 2021 – With Reviews!

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I know If you don’t have much time to research about it even after you want the best one becomes very difficult. So you can go with this Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler.

This Product has a reversible design with high-quality 300 series austenitic stainless steel. It provides deep sound on all four cylinders. The muffler uses high-temperature CFF to decrease the sound.

if you don’t like this as much then I am going to give a buyer guide that will help you select the Best Muffler For 4 Cylinder Truck. So read the section carefully. Because this majorly includes all the things that should be checked.

Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler

Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler
  • Center/offset configured un notched vehicle muffler for your exhaust
  • 19 inch overall length and oval shape
  • 2.5 inch inlet / 2.5 inch outlet
  • Refer to your specific vehicle and exhaust system to ensure proper fit

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Muffler For 4 Cylinder Truck

After wandering within such diversity for all ten models, it makes sense to find a way through which you can easily pick the perfect pick. Well, we have your back here too. There are some surprising factors that ensure your muffler works well for your truck.


There are different designs that you should be aware of when choosing a muffler. Most of them come with these three design specs. These are called turbo, pass-through, chambered, and glass packages.

The first and second types are basically less sound-producing types. These are fine if you want something quieter for your engine. While the Glasspack muffler is quite loud and you can definitely feel its presence through sound.

Make Sound

Depending on the type of design you use for a muffler, the sound production can also vary. For a louder and more aggressive sound, select the glass-filled muffler design.

Some are better at keeping you quieter and more relaxed than the other two popular types of designs. This is a very important factor to check inside your muffler for a safe selection.

Material Quality

There are several things that mufflers need to take care of. The list includes debris, roads, heat, and, of course, pressure. So, if it’s not made of quality material that can provide strength, your money is probably going to waste.

The most popular material options are aluminized or stainless steel. The first option is considerably cheaper, but be prepared to experience some corrosion problems. However, for rainy weather using or simply preventing rust problems, stainless steel is a neat but expensive option.

Must be Adapted To be Considered as One of The Best Sound Silencers for v8 Trucks

This is basically the most important criterion that you should pay attention to. Because each muffle comes with a specific type of installation, therefore, there should be an open conversation with the manufacturer or the seller about some details related to your vehicle.

Then they should provide you with compatible parts for the muffler. Make sure you don’t force anything that doesn’t go with your vehicle. This is probably the worst way to destroy certain parts.

Price Point

Another important thing to figure out before facing a certain model is the price. You need to compare the price with what the muffler is willing to offer. It should be something that does not seem less for the money it demands.

Also, there should be a muffler case that provides too much for too little price. Obviously, this is cheap quality, and eventually, at some point, it will make you pay more, maybe from wearing out too soon or damaging other parts. So you better go the middle way.

By the middle way, we mean the reasonable-sounding route with a characteristic sand price. The model you select will be a practically qualified choice that seems to justify the price. In most cases, this is the surefire way not to be fooled later.

Impact Performance For The Best Sound Silencers For The v8 Truck List

Do not allow yourself to choose a muffler that does not do justice to the functionality and performance of your vehicle. Of course, you must be able to do certain things, like avoid wasting gas. In most states, like the United States, it is very necessary to have a silencer that can reduce noise pollution.

You need to make sure that you can meet those standards well. Most of the best models available help burn fuel more efficiently. This is clearly a financial gain for any user.

There are even reports that an aftermarket muffler has the ability to increase horsepower by up to ten percent. So make sure you can enjoy the full potential of the best quality muffler by purchasing the most suitable model for your V8 truck.

Best Muffler For 4 Cylinder Truck – Reviews

1. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

Are you looking for a deep sound muffler? The Flowmaster super 40 muffler is super destructive and aggressive on the exhaust note. It has a great turbo base setting to provide smooth airflow.

The Flowmaster super 40 has a strong operation that produces a deep but non-irritating noise to perfectly moderate. With these features, a user can simply perform well on higher-powered trucks for a faster driving experience. These are just a few, as it has an average internal resonance to provide the expected results.

Looking at its good design, we cannot fail to praise it for its amazing delta flow technology. The race has been shown to provide full support for owners to enjoy driving with better performance. In addition, you have a good option to decrease the maximum fuel use for driving without worrying about excessive bills.

In our experience with this muffler, we are satisfied with its super performance, which helps a lot to install quality and comfort. In addition, it is manufactured by MIG welding to make it easy and trouble-free to use. In addition, the product comes with durable and strong parts that help to handle it perfectly.

We found some customers commenting that they love its good sounds that are not harsh or quiet. Plus, it has smooth, simple sounds that brighten the mood for daytime driving. With deep and smooth sound, it helps users drive happily day after day. For that reason, the V8 truck muffler has become the favorite choice of customers.

Overall, the muffler has a deep rumble and strong exterior for everyday use. It also has two recesses that offer efficient maximum support for a powerful and desirable truck driving experience with less noise. The product works amazingly with a powerful engine that does not require excess fuel.

  • The muffler provides good power.
  • It is great for adjusting drone or overbearing sound.
  • A perfect soundless and deep muffle for a beginner.
  • The product is super strong and durable to use.
  • It is not loathsome but has smooth workings.
  • It has no warranty service to replace broken products.

2. Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler

Borla is one of the best brake pad manufacturers on the market for its precise and quality products with performance. Borla emphasizes increasing your car’s engine and exhaust performance with robust construction.

Borla 40358, featuring a reversible design with high-quality 300 series austenitic stainless steel, provides exceptional deep sound on all four cylinders. The muffler uses high-temperature CFF to decrease sound.

The central outlet with free-flow design increases power, improves control and performance of your car. High-quality T-304 stainless steel will keep the muffler rust-free and give it long service life.

The aluminum finish will not last as long but from the product, but you can polish the finish of the mill before installing the muffler.

The downsides are minimal on this strong 1005 welded muffler. If you want deep, great sound in your car/truck with the best performance, then Borla 40358 will be the perfect choice.

  • Rust resistant
  • Flexible installation
  • Free flow design
  • Welded construction
  • CFF acoustic material for sound control
  • Not universal fit

3. Dynomax 17748 Super Turbo

Dynomax 17748 Super Turbo Muffler is one of the best mufflers for 4 cylinder engines. It does a great job of allowing the engine to breathe better and sound reasonably louder without being too obtrusive and high-pitched. It is also affordably priced and has a lot of performance-based features that definitely make it worth buying.

To achieve all of that, the Dynomax Super Turbo uses the turbo design, which is lightly restrictive and quieter than the chambered design. However, performance is definitely not an issue with the Dynomax 17748 as it has been tested and shown to flow up to 700 SCFM.

If you’re not sure what that means, let me put it into perspective: the stock muffler on a Jeep Wrangler JK has an approximate flow rate of 200 SCFM, three times less than the Dynomax 17748.

Now, as you can see, for a turbo-style muffler, the Dynomax 17748 is very unrestricted and should reduce the backpressure in your car by a considerable amount. The reduced back pressure translates into better throttle response, more power, and better gas mileage.

Inside the muffler, there are three perforated directional tubes, which are surrounded by a fiberglass mat. Fiberglass is a very effective way to reduce sound and is used primarily in high-performance direct design silencers. It greatly reduces internal resonance and maintains a smooth tone.

Although some sound waves are damped with fiberglass, most of the exhaust gases flow through the perforated tubes and are directed to other tubes; this is how the Dynomax 17748 achieves 700 SCFM.

In terms of durability, the muffler is made of aluminized steel, which has great resistance to rust and is often used in surgical equipment and sinks, so rust shouldn’t be a problem for long. But if you have any issues with this muffler, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, along with a 90-day sound and performance warranty.

  • Turbulence elimination
  • Mellow performance tone
  • Reduce backpressure
  • Absorb interior resonance
  • Limited lifetime

4. Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler

The Thrush v8 turbo muffler is brilliant for novice drivers to find the perfect fit for their V8 trucks. It has fantastic support for exhaust settings to find improved performance.

We are in love with its wonderful triple-flow design that provides full support to improve efficiency. With this triple flow design, it has 100% aluminum housing for long-term use. In addition, the special 3-stream design provides deep sound for truck drivers to find maximum durability while driving.

The Thrush turbo muffler has reversible features to find good support even if you reverse the chamber for maximum support on the truck. With this option, a super can easily configure or install the muffler on any V8 truck to obtain desirable sound settings. In addition, it improves the flexibility for its configuration so that it works well.

In our experience, we found this very useful for improving engine power to find loud but smooth sound. In addition, the muffler offers a good exhaust configuration that helps provide maximum power and efficiency. With this option, the product counts as an all-in-one silencer for everyday use.

The truck muffler is exceptional quality to find better features at an economical price. It has many characteristics like good installation, maximum power, and durability, etc., at affordable prices. For what it’s worth, the product stands out for its good performance. With this option, users can make this muffler ride comfortably.

it has a good exhaust setup and a better design for newcomers to use. The product has a powerful tone and is reasonably priced for lifetime use. It also helps reduce back pressure to improve engine performance and makes installation easier.

  • The muffler is designed with solid and strong materials.
  • It gives better support for all time operation.
  • A mind-blowing muffler that has a reasonable price tag.
  • It has a 1-year warranty service for having an alternate.
  • The product has deep but not noisy sound for driving comfortably.
  • It works only on larger trucks

5. MagnaFlow 12256 Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow is a well-known brand due to its long-life performance-oriented silencers. Now, the MagnaFlow 12256 may cost a bit more compared to other mufflers on the list, but it offers some great features and performance. That is how.

First of all, the MagnaFlow 12256 muffler has a direct design, which is the loudest and most fluid design. But don’t worry, the MagnaFlow 12256 is a popular choice with 4-cylinder owners, as it does a great job of mitigating drones and high-pitched squeaks.

Now due to its straightforward design, it is noticeably louder than the previous Dynomax 17748. However, it is not too loud to be annoying. So if you like loud cars rather than subtle, the MagnaFlow 12256 should be the perfect choice for you. It allows your 4-cylinder to sound sporty when you get full gas, yet quiet and civilized enough to get around town without disturbing you or anyone around your car.

Inside the muffler, you’ll find a perforated stainless steel core wrapped with MagnaFlow’s proprietary acoustic fiber and stainless steel mesh. Because of that, the muffler dissipates high-frequency sound waves, mostly letting lower-frequency deep tones through.

This muffler is made from stainless steel when it comes to overall build quality, which is corrosion-resistant and welded for maximum durability.

  • Straight through design
  • Deep tone sound
  • Rust resistant
  • Painted exterior
  • No instruction

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6. Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

If you are looking for a muffler that has a deep but non-irritating sound and a good build, then we can introduce you to the Cherry Bomb muffler. It is good in features and quality.

The Cherry Bomb extreme muffler is created as a dual outlet design to find improved performance on the V8 engine. In fact, it has center and dual-outlet tubes that deliver a low sound while riding on a track. Also, the oval shape of this product helps improve sound and airflow.

Want to know the best part? The ram 1500 cherry bomb end muffler is a universal fit to install on any ram truck. In addition, it has a durable and lightweight body part that is purposefully designed with lighter wings and a smaller body with no internal baffles for maximum efficiency and engine power.

Another thing that seems good to us is its better performance to drive comfortably. It improves performance thanks to this muffler perfectly matched to the V8 truck to provide maximum sound and power. Users can find good sound with maximum power for top-level performance while driving on roads with this option.

The product provides an adjustable sound system to find better noise while driving on the road. It has a rough and smooth sound that won’t get on your nerves during a long journey. We consider it good for long time use that provides the exact standard truck noise.

 the Cherry Bomb brand has good features and quality service for users to get better resistance and airflow. It is a wonderful size that is universal to fit any truck. In addition, it has a smaller body for comfortable driving with less noise.

  • Perfect for improving max airflow and performance.
  • It provides deep sound still not annoying.
  • The extension system helps to decrease fuel mileage.
  • It is great at price points with lots of features.
  • The product is universal to adjust to most types of V8 trucks.
  • Red paint doesn’t stay on quickly in short times.

7. Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler

One brand that has unique features and quality for road use is the Flowmaster super 10 muffler. Unlike other brands, it has a fantastic exhaust system and better power for easy driving.

Flowmaster super 10 single in dual out design delivers deep but not harsh sound for comfortable riding. In other words, it provides a deep growl-type sound to find a maximum sound level. In addition, the aggressive sound provides a better feeling when driving V8 trucks for a comfortable driving. Also, users will not be bothered to find this sound as it is throaty yet smooth.

We are in love with its good building for smoother and better performance. It is constructed of stainless steel and durable material to find a strong base. For that reason, the Flowmaster super 10 dual exhaust provides greater efficiency and power when driving trucks.

Another thing we like about this product is its reasonable price. Compared to other brands, it is a good value with many features for beginners to find good sound and maintenance at a low-cost price. Plus, the muffler has a powerful and rugged construction for smoother driving performance at this price point.

This dual-chamber muffler has a limited lifetime warranty to find a better replacement that is protected by all Flowmaster brands. In fact, you have a 3-year warranty on stainless steel, exhaust system, and exhaust kits to repair or restore broken products. In addition, the muffler provides good customer service for troubleshooting.

it has strong and durable parts that improve the efficiency or power of the truck. The product offers good delta flow technology for maximum performance and a smoother driving experience. In addition, it helps reduce the use of chemicals in the airflow for acceleration.

  • The product gives peaceful noise for driving trucks easily.
  • It has a good design top to improve speeding up.
  • The product comes at a cheap price at this quality.
  • It helps in reducing chemical pollution with its pipe.
  • The right muffler for improving driving performance
  • It is quite hard to install.

8. DC Sports EX-5016 Exhaust Muffler

The Pilot car company makes DC Sports EX-5016, and it’s a nice little muffler with powerful features. The muffler weighed only 2.77 pounds and has a bolt-on design with polished stainless steel material, which helps protect the muffler from corrosion.

The 3.25-inch outlet and design reduce back pressure to increase power with an attractive focal point at the rear of your vehicle. Dc Sports EX-5016 has enhanced sound output with deep, resonant sound using resonated tips. This sounds like a very medium to high RMP range with gas acceleration.

This gives you more horsepower and torque, but the sound may be too loud for someone who wants their car to be less noisy. Overall it is an excellent muffler with an attractive appearance to choose from.

  • Reduce backpressure
  • Added horsepower
  • More torque
  • Deep resonant sound
  • It can be deafening for someone

9. Thrush 17658 Welded Muffler

Some people love to give their V8 engines an extra deep and aggressive tone.
That’s why there are muffles like Thrush’s 17658. It is usually designed for those who want a deep performance.

Thanks to two-chamber technology, the sound coming out of the muffler is aggressive and resonant. You will make everything around you vibrate despite its decently low cost. If you are not satisfied with your vehicle’s sound, you can make it more badass with this muffler.

A combination of a welded aluminized steel construction will ensure a reliable and long-lasting experience. You won’t have to worry about constant muffler use. Its 304 stainless steel structure can withstand the highest temperatures and all kinds of weather conditions.

With a universal inlet and outlet size of 2.25 inches in diameter, you can fit this muffler almost anywhere. It does not require modifications or complicated installation processes. You can set it easily in just a few minutes and still enjoy the aggressive sound it offers.

  • Perfect choice for hot rods and vintage V8s
  • Chambered design
  • Extremely affordable
  • Reduces backpressure up to 30% when compared to stock
  • 100% welded casing
  • Made from aluminized steel

10. Dynomax 24250 Race Bullet Mini Muffler

The Dynomax 24250 Race Mini Bullet Muffler is primarily built for mini race cars, as we can guess from the name. And for the best compatibility, it has a compact design with a very lightweight of 2.5 pounds.

This latest racing muffler is track tested and powered. The lightweight, power-packed muffler uses continuous roaming fiberglass technology that reduces sound by up to 4 dbA without interrupting a deep racing tone.

The Dynomax 24250 bullet silencer is fully welded with lifetime durability, so if you are looking for a 4 cylinder race silencer, this is the place.

  • Maximum durability
  • 4 dbA sound reduction
  • Deep race tone
  • Mostly race applications

How to Make a 4 Cylinder Truck Sound Good?

Best Muffler For 4 Cylinder Truck – (FAQ)

Which muffler is best for performance?

When it comes to performance, any less exhaust-resistant muffler and offers maximum flow is a winner. Generally, straight mufflers offer the best possible flow, making them the best choice for performance.

Are direct connect silencers noisy?

Direct silencers are the loudest of the three main types of silencers. They are the noisiest because there are no baffles inside to decrease noise. Exhaust gases, which are basically sound waves, can freely escape from the muffler. However, direct silencers still reduce the sound level quite a bit through the use of sound absorption.

Can a muffler increase horsepower?

Yes. Factory silencers are primarily designed to meet stringent noise requirements, so they are much more restrictive for exhaust flow. On the other hand, an aftermarket muffler is significantly less restrictive and can evacuate exhaust gases much faster. Some mufflers use a sweeping effect and can even come out of a straight tube, which could translate to a 10% power increase over a stock muffler.


So this was the list of the top ten best muffler for 4 cylinder truck that comes with attractive features to make your ride enjoyable. Make sure you get something that suits your needs and choose a particular muffler from the list that will serve you the best.

In fact, it is completely up to you which of these ten options is really the best. A model may seem perfect for what you are looking for, but it is not suitable for someone with different requirements.

So your time to find the ideal fit for your trucks begins now, as we are near the end of today’s discussion. Hopefully, you will make a worthy choice.

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