Top 10 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger In 2021(Review & Buying Guide)

You might be wondering why we consider it important to discuss the best shocks for ford ranger. Well, no vehicle owner wants to drive a vehicle that they are not comfortable driving. Or such that it has a lot of bumps and vibrates with every little bump.

It is even more disturbing when you start to hear some screeching noise or some chaotic shaking. Once this becomes obvious, it is an indication that it is time to replace the shock on your Ford Ranger.

Deciding which prop to choose can be confusing due to the presence of numerous shocks. We’ve taken the time to search the internet and have come up with the top ten best shocks for ford ranger to help you decide to buy. So this is the best ford ranger crash compilation for your final purchase decision.

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I know If you don’t have much time to research about it even after you want the best one becomes very difficult. So you can go with this Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber. This model has a train that does not have cavities. This will make your car work better. The quality is very high.

If you don’t like this as much then I am going to give a buyer guide that will help you select the Best Shocks For Ford Ranger. So read the section carefully. Because this majorly includes all the things that should be checked.

Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber.

Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber.
  • Belltech’s value oriented performance shock absorber
  • Cavitation free valve train avoids air from decreasing shock absorbers effectiveness
  • Specifically made for your vehicle with guaranteed fitment. High-pressure, nitrogen gas-powered shock
  • absorber

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Shocks For Ford Ranger

For a complete decision, it is convenient to analyze some basic aspects of each shock absorber. That is why we discuss here the most important characteristics in each of these parts.

Of course, each of the Best Shocks For Ford Ranger is not similar to all the others on the market.

Shock absorber design

One of the main things to consider is whether the shocks are designed for the rear wheels or for the front wheels. Of course, each of the front and rear shock absorbers has a unique design and characteristics.

So these are not two interchangeable options. In particular, you cannot install rear shock absorbers at the front. Here again, it is important to consider whether your vehicle needs a replacement for the rear shocks only or the front shocks only.

Sometimes mechanical specialists recommend replacing all four shocks at the same time. In this way, uniform and symmetrical wear can be obtained from this complete part replacement.

Shock absorber compatibility

In combination with the previous point, a person must also consider the compatibility of these parts. First of all, the different shock absorbers can only fit different Ford Ranger models.

Therefore, you must consider the specific year of manufacture of your Ford Ranger. However, this is not the only helpful information to examine for full compatibility.

Another important piece of information is the type of traction that the Ford Ranger has in particular. Therefore, you may find some options on the market that are compatible with 2-wheel drive vehicles.

In addition, it is possible to find shock absorbers that are compatible with all-wheel drive. Ideally, you can incorporate shock absorbers that are compatible with both traction options.

Shock absorber types

When you have discovered the specific compatibility your shocks need, you can continue to choose the type of part you need. There are several possibilities available in the market to choose from.

So it’s a matter of choosing between dual-tube or single-tube design shocks. You can also choose between acceleration-sensitive dampers, position-sensitive dampers, or gas-charged twin-tube dampers.

Beyond that, people who drive the vehicle over rough or rough terrain need a specific type of shock absorber. Single tube shocks are the best choice for these rugged and rough terrains due to their cooling capabilities.

In other words, the specific needs of each driver and each Ford Ranger are very important when picking a specific type of shock. Even the quality of a shock’s seal is another important factor.

In particular, the quality of this component is what can provide long life to the vehicle owner. In turn, this can reduce the wear and tear of everyday use and better resist various factors such as heat.

Of course, this part provides high quality in the options that we have analyzed in this review.


As with other parts, stability is determined by the quality and design of the materials incorporated. Reviewing this aspect is important to avoid the wear and tear of some harmful factors.

Therefore, a protective layer is the best option to avoid oxidation and excessive wear. This even allows you to use a Ford Ranger pickup in a variety of situations, regardless of the weather conditions.

Easy installation

In most cases, a qualified mechanic is required to install the shocks. However, some options on the market offer a simple design for hassle-free installation.

In particular, this option is best for hobbyist mechanics who want to install their shocks in their workshops.

Top 10 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger – Reviews

1. Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier

Best Shocks For Ford Ranger

When it comes to the best shocks for ford ranger, Gabriel 43167 products always come to mind. It is the right combination of spring and damping technology to ensure that your truck does not lose its original ride height due to carrying the load for an extended period. It has front coil springs that help improve stability.

The presence of variable rate coil springs for the rear gives you 500 pounds for each load capacity. And like all Gabriel products, this shock comes with a chrome-plated piston rod with a fine finish that ensures that you seal properly lubricated and protects against corrosion. The result is that you get a more consistent wear surface.

The Gabriel 43167 spring damper also comes with a leak-proof piston so you can enjoy long life from your damper. With its Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubing feature, internal wear is drastically reduced. This process helps remove weld seam imperfections that come from the tube surface. What you get is a smoother surface that holds the product and reduces friction.

Having been in the market for 110 years, this brand is one of the best products for its performance and long-lasting product. Plus, it’s the answer for any Ford Ranger owner looking for an economical way to use their heavy-duty truck.

  • Provides economical means for trucks that are used for heavy lifting
  • Easy installation
  • Helps in maintaining ride height
  • Long-lasting shock due to leak-proof piston seal
  • Protects against corrosion and consistent wear surface
  • Can be up to 2″ shorter than the original shock

2. Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber

Manufactured by Belltech, a subsidiary of KW Automotive, these shocks come from a line of excellent products from one of the world’s leaders in auto parts. This model has a valve train that does not have cavitation and ensures that air will not reduce the effectiveness of your shocks.

The dust cover ensures that the shock is not affected by dirt or grime entering and sticking it. Designed to fit the 2000 Ford Ranger, these shocks are built to last with oversized internal and external construction.

My experience with these revealed that they provide a smooth ride, especially when the vehicle was under a lighter load. The build was solid and stood out as an example of the quality you can expect from Belltech.

  • Cleaner environment thanks to dust boot
  • Designed for the Ford Ranger 2000
  • Made by a leader in shock absorber technology
  • Nitrogen gas-pressured
  • Easy installation
  • It may appear a little softer than expected

3. Maxorber Front & Rear Full Set 4 Pieces Shocks

The Maxorber Front & Rear Complete Set is intended for owners of Ford Ranger models that were produced between 1989 and 1997. The set is equipped with four shocks charged with nitrogen gas to improve your vehicle’s braking ability and stability while allowing you to drive the vehicle effortlessly.

Pressurized nitrogen gas increases the performance of these shocks by eliminating foaming and keeping aeration to a minimum. In addition, the chrome-plated pistons and seals are made of high-quality materials that ensure there is no friction between them.

These shocks also have a protective coating that makes them less prone to corrosion and keeps them in perfect condition over the years. In addition, the set also includes struts, allowing you to upgrade the entire damping system of the Ford Ranger.

Maxorber replacement shocks are a significant upgrade from the Ford Ranger OEM shocks, enhancing the overall driving experience.

  • Heat and corrosion resistant
  • Excellent solution shock replacement solution for an entire vehicle
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Compatible with Ford Ranger models manufactured between 1989 and 1997
  • Louder than most similar models

4. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set 1998-2011 Ford Ranger

The Rancho RS5000X shock combines an innovative new rebound valve system that is unique to Rancho products. It’s our second recommendation for the best replacement shocks for the ford ranger. It features advanced compression that elevates your vehicle’s performance and overall handling, whether on or off the road.

The effect of this impact is felt when you replace the worn shock absorber in your 1998 Ford Ranger. You automatically earn no less than 100,000 miles. It also allows for easier rebound and cushioning and better handling of heavy erosion. Washes up onboarding while driving on a dirt road.

This is also a gas-pressurized dual tube shock that minimizes air/oil mixing that causes impact to fade and foam. Rancho RS5000X’s gas pressurization feature also gives your truck a slight spring boost. And with its big shock body, your vehicle’s fluid capacity increased for better cooling and performance.

Worried about restoring your light truck to soak up road blemishes like it originally did? The Rancho RS5000X is the right choice. It is easy to install and immediately adds a 1-2 ″ lift to the height of your truck.

  • Self-lubricating seal with low friction
  • Easy installation
  • Natural rubber bushings
  • Gas-pressurized shock
  • Double-welded loops for an enjoyable ride
  • Fits perfectly while adding about 2″ ride height
  • No complaint from users yet

5. SENSEN 2282-FS Front Struts Compatible

Sensen 2282 premium bare shocks are engineered with precision in mind for maximum safety and enhanced performance. If you are looking for a shock that gives you more control and comfort from your Ford Ranger, this is the shock for you.

It is also built to meet standard durability in mind and to last a long time. Sensen struts and shocks are certified to meet strict OEM standards for quality and unmatched performance. The company assures that the shock absorber is designed to alleviate the problems of the vehicle owner. It has also been quality tested and is 100% visually inspected.

This product also features a dual tube design damper and is nitrogen gas. This loaded shock is specially calibrated to help restore your truck’s original ride height, performance, and control. It is fast becoming the suspension of choice for Ford Ranger truck owners used by experienced automotive technicians.

  • Built with safety and ultimate performance in mind
  • Enhanced vehicle control and comfort
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Calibrated to restore the original ride height
  • The front mount may not match OEM

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6. Skyjacker B8560 Black Shock Absorber

Skyjacker’s B8560 shock is a dual tube product that increases fluid capacity while utilizing a popular technology known as foam cell. This foam cell provides or inserts when your shock works too hard and it becomes difficult to compensate for oil expansion. This ensures that you continue to enjoy the maximum performance of your shock regardless of the temperature.

It also removes any air that may be trapped inside the shock so it is easy to mount in any direction. With its chrome axle, you won’t have to worry about whether it is durable and long-lasting.

The Skyjacker B8560 shock is easily referred to as an upgrade from the original 2016 Ford Ranger due to the increased comfort vehicle owners enjoyed with this shock. And the shock cylinders work efficiently. This product is good for anyone looking to improve the height of their truck and a smoother ride.

  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Consistent and solid contact between tires and road
  • Eliminates air that is trapped in the shock
  • Foam-cell technology allows for compression when there is oil expansion
  • Maximum heat dissipation
  • Improved fluid capacity
  • DOM tubing reduces internal wear for increased longevity
  • Durable black boot
  • Some people complained that it felt too bounty squishy

7. Cciyu 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers

Owners of Ford Ranger models produced between 1994 and 1997 should consider opting for the cciy 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorber Kit. This is a great option if you are looking to give your Ford Ranger’s shock system a complete overhaul, as the set includes shocks and struts.

Both components are resistant to rust caused by oxidation or weather conditions, while frequent changes in temperature cannot cause any serious damage to either of these parts.

In addition, the viscosity of the oil within the shock absorbers is not affected by the heat that is generated during the shock absorption process.

Cciy shock absorbers are suitable for all types of road conditions, allowing you to use your truck for hauling heavy workloads, off-road driving, or in any other situation that puts pressure on the vehicle’s suspension system.

However, you should be aware that these shocks and struts are quite bulky and will add to the weight of your vehicle.

  • Improves the vehicle’s stability
  • Heat resistant and made from highly durable materials
  • One-year warranty
  • Suitable for owners who want to replace all shocks on their Ford Ranger
  • Compatible with a limited number of Ford Ranger models

8. Million Parts 2 Pieces Shock Absorber

Looking for the convenience of installing a shock absorber for your Ford Ranger? Then Million Parts 2 parts are as easy as they come. It’s number eight of our best replacement shocks for the ford ranger product list. All you need are basic screws and wrenches, and your shock is ready to go. This complete set gives your Ford Ranger the perfect suspension overhaul for a comfortable ride.

Comes with full spring, coils, brackets, and strut. These complete sets are highly functional and easily replace your strut without the need for any additional items. In addition to providing your vehicle with adequate shock absorption, this strut also provides your truck with the structural needs it needs for suspension.

You are confident that it will improve vehicle response and ride quality. And with its ease of installation, you can have the struts up and running on your truck in less than 2 hours. That means you don’t need to call an auto technician and therefore save some money in the process.

Also, the spring seat is welded all over for your safety. And with the piston seal being Teflon bonded, there is a noticeable reduction in friction. Plus, it helps keep your vehicle cool to keep the valve steady.

  • Easy fit for Ford Ranger
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • OEM direct fit
  • Single strut assembly
  • Maintains cool temperature regardless of the weather
  • Holes might not line up with Ford Ranger 2WD

9. Bilstein 24-188258 Rear Shock for Ford Ranger 4WD

The Bilstein 24-188258 Rear Shock is compatible with Ford and Mazda vehicles, including all-wheel-drive Ford Ranger models. Like all monotube shock absorbers, this Bilstein model has excellent heat dispersal ability, allowing it to handle strong vibrations for long periods of time.

The fluid within the damper prevents aeration and reduces friction encountered by the rod as it moves. This rear replacement shock has the 16mm Eye top mount type and the 12mm Eye bottom mount type, allowing easy installation without any adjusting of the damper.

Additionally, the Bilstein 24-188258 is made from lightweight, durable materials that won’t corrode quickly, even when exposed to frequent rain or snow. This rear shock also has a protective coating that provides additional protection against corrosion.

The fact that Bilstein 24-188258 is used by professional runners says a lot about its quality. This is a reliable replacement shock absorber for Ford Ranger that will allow you to maintain control of your vehicle at all times.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with a broad range of Ford Ranger models
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Pricier than most replacement shocks for Ford Ranger
  • The front shocks from the same series are not available

10. Detroit Axle Rear and Front Shock Absorber (4pcs)

Here comes our latest recommendation for the best replacement shocks for ford ranger. The Detroit Axle 4-Piece Front and Rear Shock features an OEM direct fit design and is easy and ready to install. No special tools are needed as it is easy to remove and replace your Ford Ranger’s strut with this strut. It comes as a complete strut assembly and includes coil, strut, brackets, and easy to install springs.

Detroit Axle shocks are known to improve ride control and vehicle performance. Its piston seal adjusts easily even when worn to continue to enjoy a tight seal between the pressure tube and the piston. This results in low leakage paths and more consistent and durable products.

This shock is designed to meet and exceed the harsh demands experienced when driving on rough roads—looking for more security? This shock comes with a ten-year warranty.

  • Ten years warranty for quality assurance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Piston seal minimizes leak for a more consistent product life
  • Superior performance
  • No complaint yet from the users

How To Install Suspension In Your Ford Ranger

FAQs for Best Shocks For Ford Ranger

How will I know when to replace my shock?

This is a question that is very common for many vehicle owners. You will begin to observe several things on your vehicle when its impact begins to wear off. As your mileage increases, your crash will not be able to withstand what it originally could. You will notice that the maneuverability and handling of your vehicle are no longer smooth.

You may also notice some hydraulic fluid leakage, unusual rocking, banging noise, or some bouncing and rattling. This is an indication that the shock should be replaced.

What can I gain when I change my shock?

You will surely enjoy a lot when you change your old and worn shock. But the obvious ones are more comfort and better stability, whether on or off the road.

What should I keep in mind when installing my shock absorbers?

You must pay attention to the suspension when installing a replacement shock for your Ford Ranger. Installing this part correctly will ensure that your vehicle continues to perform optimally. And, of course, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Will any shock absorbers fit my Ford Ranger?

No, there is no way that all shocks will fit your Ford Ranger. Even when it is stated that a particular shock may work for a Ford Ranger, you need to find out what models the shock is intended for. A specific damper may work on a 2006 Ford Ranger model, but may not work on a 2008 model.

Is the warranty important?

A shock absorber replacement that comes with a warranty is generally an indication that the manufacturer is confident that their product will work. Not all shock absorber replacements come with such. But this does not mean that if a particular product is not guaranteed that it is not a good product, far from it. However, the warranty gives you some peace of mind that the product will work.


Finding the best shocks for ford ranger shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are many high-quality models to choose from.

However, which model you can get depends on the shock’s compatibility with your vehicle. In case you have a Ford Ranger model produced between 1989 and 1997, and you want to replace the front and rear shocks, in our opinion, the Maxorber Front and Rear Complete Set is probably the best option for you.

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