What Is The Difference Between 245 And 265 Tires, Is It Safe To Drive With One Smaller Tire?

Look at the sidewall of your tire. If you have letters and numbers, then it is a specific size. You can see how wide the tire is by looking at these letters and numbers.

So if it says 265/75r16 vs 245/75r16, then the number first tells you how many millimeters wide the tire is from one side to another.

The question is if it is just the width that explains the difference between 245 and 265 tires. Is there anything else to it? Yes, this 20 millimeters in width makes a big difference in the overall tires size.

This will change how your vehicle handles, how fast you go, and your fuel economy. Here is a quick overview

Why compare? 245 75r16 Tire vs 265 75r16 Tire

It is hard to pick the right tire without help. That’s why we are giving you this information about tires. This will tell you what they are, and how to compare them with each other. The model 245/75r17 is almost identical to the 265/75r17.

But there are rules to car engineering that do not change even if the numbers and science do. A slight mistake in calculations can cause a huge change in output. When you compare 265 75r16 vs 265 70r16, the numbers show that the first is better for grip and cornering than the second one.

In this tire comparison, you can see a detailed calculation from the numbers. The difference between the different measurements is small: only 0.4%. The difference in height of the sidewall is also small: only 0.9% (almost an inch). But the most noticeable difference in width is 7.5%.

The differences in these tires are not enough to help or harm your car. We found that the tires are replaceable or interchangeable with rims that do not need any extra work for them to fit. However, the qualities of these tires are still good overall.

245 mm Tire265 mm Tire
Better traction in winter and snowy conditionsBetter traction on dry and wet roads
Greater driving comfortBetter grip at corners and turns
Lower noise levelLess noticeable impacts from small obstacles
Lower rolling resistance for fuel efficiencyShorter stopping distance for enhanced safety
More affordableBetter aesthetics

The above comparison may not be enough for everyone. Each of these findings has been explained in this article, so you can find a useful idea to do something with.

How Do 245 and 265 Impact the Other Specs of the Tire?

Here is a table to show how width is associated with some other sizing factors. We’re taking 245/75R16 and 265/75R16 for comparison. These sizes are both suitable for passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Measurements (mm)245/75R16265/75R16Difference
Diameter773.9803.930 (3.9%)
Circumference2431.282525.5394.25 (3.9%)
Sidewall Height183.75198.7515 (8.2%)

The number of times a tire turns as it covers one mile is called the revolutions per mile. It’s something that most drivers don’t think about, but shouldn’t be ignored.

If you use tires that are 245s, the revolutions per mile will be 411.31. For 265 tires, it will be 395.96. Let’s get some useful insights in the form of a down-to-earth contrast.

Factors to Consider

As much as both tires are usable, they have their limits. You’ll know which factors are affected by the width of a tire.

Driving Conditions and Traction

Both tire sizes make a car go. But they work differently. 245 tires have more contact with the ground, so you can drive through puddles and move the liquid out of the way easier.

They also perform well on snowy tracks because they put pressure on the snow and push it out of the way better than bigger tires do.

All tires have a contact area. They also have grooves that help the water come off the tire when it is wet. The bigger they are, the more water will come off and it will not make your car spin.

When there is no water, they make sure you can go in all directions and turn easily because of their bigger surface.

Wider tires can provide better traction. But if you want a wider tire, you need to change the suspension so that the car will not be harder to handle when driving.

Comfort and Braking Distance

Your comfort when you are driving your car depends on the air in the tires. A 265 tire needs a larger rim diameter than a 245 tire does. If it is smaller, there is less air in it. So, if you have wider tires they will be softer and more comfortable for you to drive on.

However, wider tires are better than narrower ones. You will have better grip and won’t feel the same impact from small holes.

Another difference between these two tires is how long it takes to stop the vehicle. For example, your vehicle might cover a certain distance before it stops moving completely even after you’ve applied the brakes. That distance becomes shorter with a 265 tire than with a 245 tire.

It is an advantage to have a shorter stopping distance. It makes it less likely that you will hit someone or something in front of you if you stop fast.

Rolling Resistance and Fuel Consumption

Your car tires need energy to keep moving and keep their speed. The car has to send energy, which is called rolling resistance. When you drive fast, it takes more energy to move the car and so it uses up more gas.

Changing your tire from a 245 to a 265 will make it more difficult for the car to go. The car needs more fuel and produces more friction. But these two things may not be enough for this conclusion.


A 245 mm tire with a high profile usually costs less than a 265 mm one with a low profile because narrower versions with high profiles are more popular and produced in larger numbers than the wider ones with low profiles.

Noise Levels

If the factory width is 245 mm, and you are interested in using a 265 mm tire, you will notice that it will change how your car feels. It would be shorter with less shock absorption. This would make your car feel more noisy.

How To Read Tire Sizes | Truck Accessories Explained

265/75r16 vs 245/75r16 Tires – FAQ

How much wider is 265 tires than 245 tires?

The difference between 245 and 265 is only about an inch.

What are some differences in the car when you use one smaller tire?

You will feel uncomfortable if you drive with a small difference, because it’s harder to handle your vehicle. It takes more time for it to stop too.

What size is a 245 75 tire in inches?

A 245 75 R 16 is about 17.

What difference does it make to have a 265 tire compared with 245?

Having wider tires will provide better traction, but if you want more width then you need to change the suspension so that your car will not be harder to handle when driving. You might also notice less comfort and braking distance, requiring more fuel and producing more friction.

What difference does it make to have a 245 tire compared with 265?

Having narrower tires will be softer for you to drive on but there is less grip and you’ll feel the same impact from small holes. There will also be a difference in stopping distance when driving because of this difference in tire size.

You’ll have better grip and won’t feel the same impact from small holes as you drive with a 265 tire because it is wider than 245 tires which makes your car go faster, but in real life this difference does not exist at all.

Final Thoughts

This discussion might convince you to buy a 265mm tire. You may have heard that wider tires make a vehicle go faster. But in real life, this is not true at all.

Although it is not wrong to mount a 265 tire, you should pick the same or slightly smaller exterior diameter. Make sure that the load and speed indexes of the new tire are equal to/greater than those of the existing tire. That way, you can enjoy all the perks of having a wider tire.

If you have any more questions about tire sizes, please let us know.