How To Mount Tablet In Car (Best Explanation) 2021

Mounting a table in car is tough work. If you want to mount a tablet, phone, or other devices in your car and don’t know how to do it, then here is the right blog for you.

Here We discuss every detail about how to mount tablet in car. So read the full blog and watch the suggested video for perfect installation.

If you need to mount your tablet in your car for work, maps, or even entertainment, the RAM Mount system provides various ways to connect it.

There are two basic components, the base, and the stand

how to mount tablet in car
How To Mount Tablet In Car
  1. The crib
    Because you’ll want to have the option of mounting your tablet with or without a sleeve (and not getting stuck with one option or the other), we recommend a product called the RAM X-Grip Universal Holder for Large Tablets (RAM-HOL -UN9U).

This universal base fits most large tablets and will fit easily depending on whether you are using a case, sleeve, or nothing on a particular day.

  1. The Mount
    This depends on where you want to mount it on your car. Some of the more popular options are:

Windshield (Suction Cup) – This part will suck in your windshield or any smooth flat surface, then connect directly to your X-Grip Cradle. Center plug connection allows for almost unlimited angles and directions.

Floor Mount – This is a very popular option and attaches to the vehicle’s floor, with an adjustable stem so that the tablet sits close to your leg/knee.

Cup Holder – This mount sits securely in your console’s cup holder, and your X-Grip base will fit directly onto it.

The great thing about RAM mounts is that you can mix and match components like Meccano once you get started. RAM assembles products in more than 4,500 different product lines, so there is an accessory for virtually any type of product or application you want.

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Watch the video below to see the many ways you can mount an iPad or other tablet in your vehicle with RAM® mounts:

Benefits of Tablet Holders for Cars

  • Safer driving. You can keep your eyes on the road and not on your tablet when you have it conveniently adjusted in place with a Mounting stand. You should not take your eyes off the road to use the tablet or worry about it falling between or under the seats.
  • Technology at your fingertips. Suppose your vehicle is not equipped with modern technology. In that case, a tablet mount gives you easy access to your tablet’s functions, such as Bluetooth, navigation, voice calls, and text messages, and music streaming.
  • Protected tablet. Carrying and using your tablet while traveling puts you at greater risk of damage. A bracket helps keep you safe while your vehicle is in motion. This is especially useful when little ones use a tablet in the back seat.

Different types of iPad holders / iPad holders

how to mount tablet in car
How To Mount Tablet In Car

Windshield / Dash Mount

This is the main type of car mount that uses a suction cup to adhere to your car’s windshield or dash. The main concern with this type of mount is that the suction cups are often not strong enough to hold a heavier tablet or iPad and can crash if you go over a sudden bump.

Headrest support

These are the most reliable, safest, and most popular types of iPad holders for vehicles. They are specifically designed to keep rear-seat passengers entertained and are generally very easy to install without the need for tools. Some are fixed, while others offer telescopic and swivel, making it easy to find the perfect position.

Seat rail / floor mount

Floor mounts or seat rail are excellent as they do not obstruct the driver’s view of the road and provide a stable mount for viewing the rear seat. These often require a few tools to install, and yet they can appear quite bulky.

Air vent mount

The last type of bracket connects to your car’s vents. After easy installation, just slide the clip into one of the vents and the bracket will stay stable. After that, like other iPad holders, simply press a button to remove the grips and rotate the holder as needed.

The only problem with these vent mounts is that they hold your iPad directly in front of the vent, blocking airflow. Also, if you live somewhere with a colder climate, your iPad may overheat due to exposure to hot air for a long period of time. The vents may also not be strong enough to support the weight of a heavier tablet or iPad.

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