10 Best Auto Bug And Tar Remover Reviews: The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’ve ever owned a car during the spring and summer period, you know exactly why you need a bug and tar remover.

As soon as the sun rises, so do the insects. That’s fine for people in colder regions like the UK or Scandinavia. They only get a couple of weeks of sunshine.

However, with the best auto bug and tar remover, this won’t be a big deal. These products are a powerful solution that can dissolve tar and insect entrails for easy cleaning, all while leaving paint in great shape.

If you are looking for the best auto bug and tar remover for your vehicle, here is a review of some high-quality ones.

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Don’t have much time to research about it, choosing the best car wax can become difficult. So you can go with this Turtle Wax T-520A. It is a cheaper tar and bug remover. It has the right kind of formula that makes it suitable for external use.

If you don’t like this as much, then I am going to give a guide that will help you choose the best auto bug and tar remover. So read the section carefully. Because this includes all things that should be checked.

Turtle Wax T-520A

Turtle Wax T-520A
  • Fit type: Universal
  • Package Dimensions: 26.416 H x 4.318 L x 10.16 W (centimetres)
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Package Weight: 0.522 kilograms

Buying Guide Before Purchasing Best Auto Bug And Tar Remover

If you’re still not sure which bug and tar product to settle for, we hope our best auto bug and tar remover, buying guide makes it easy for you to find one.

Here are some factors to think carefully about before making a payment for any bug and tar wash product:

If it contains harmful ingredients

like the products we’ve discussed, bug and tar removal products need not contain harsh or harmful chemicals as they can be damaging to the surface of your car.

You should opt for products that are enzymatic or water-based as they would not damage the surface of your car.

If safe for surfaces

not all tar and bug removers can be used on just any surface as some contain certain chemicals that may not be suitable for clear coat surfaces.

Make sure whatever product you are buying is suitable for the surface of your car.

Is it effective?

What we mean here is whether the product you want to settle for is effective enough to remove tar and bug stains.

However, there are specific products to remove bugs and tar, and there are also products that are specifically formulated to remove sap from trees, so you must check the reviews to know the verdict of the people on any product.


You also need to consider money and price when buying a bug and tar remover. You should be able to conclude whether you want to settle for an expensive product with higher quality or start with a lower quality product.

Best Auto Bug And Tar Remover– Reviews

1. ProSol Bugs N All-Best Overall Bug & Tar Remover

ProSol Bugs N All is our best overall choice, as it is a highly concentrated solution for maximum effectiveness. The small 4-ounce container provides up to 2 quarts (64 ounces) of the cleaning solution, which will suffice for multiple applications.

These proSol bugs n all work for both interior and exterior car surfaces. And it’s a multipurpose cleaner that will be safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces,

including leather, plastic, fabric, and wood trim. Better yet, it’s safe to use on wax, decals, and all paints. The cleaner works by turning all of these stains to mush in about a minute so you can clean them up.

But, despite the potency, it is still a non-toxic and biodegradable bugs and tar remover that will be safe for both the user and the environment.

On the downside, this product is quite expensive. But you get a lot after dilution, which means it still offers great value for money.

  • Free spray bottle provided
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Does not damage wax, paint, or decals
  • More concentrated solution
  • a little expensive

2. Turtle Wax T-520A-Best Budget Bug & Tar Remover

Turtle Wax’s T-520A is a cheaper tar and bug remover and will be perfect when you want something effective enough that it doesn’t cost a lot.

It has the right kind of formula that makes it suitable for external use and here’s one thing you need to know, it also sticks to vertical surfaces in order to provide deep cleaning action. This product does not require the use of an elbow and is easy to use as all it requires is spraying and cleaning.

When reviews on this product were verified, we found that it has overwhelmingly positive reviews based on its efficacy, but there were mixed reviews on whether it removes sap from trees because some customers stated that it does, while others stated that it does not.

It is important to inform you that this product contains petroleum distillates and this makes this product quite toxic and flammable.

  • Leaves a protective layer
  • Restores vehicle gloss
  • More affordable
  • Adheres well to vertical surfaces
  • No scrubbing required
  • Towels not included
  • Flammable

3.Griot’s Garage 10982-Best Bug & Tar Remover Brand

The Griot’s Garage 10982 is a high-quality product from one of the most reputable auto accessory manufacturers. So if you prefer a product from a premium brand that you can trust, this will be a good buy.

This bug and tar removal solution is intended to soften and loosen any bugs, stains, and other stubborn stains like tar and rubber. This ensures that you can quickly clean them to restore your car’s flawless paint finish.

Due to its superior rubber marking removal ability, this product is an excellent choice for track days. Plus, it’s safe to use on all exterior surfaces.

When it comes to actual use, the solution can be applied alone or as a pre-wash, in which you treat the stained area before washing the surface with other chemicals or detergents. Once applied, you just have to wait 30 seconds and then clean the loose stain.

However, a towel is not included in the package, and therefore you need to get your microfiber fabric separately.

  • Removes rubber marks
  • Useful for all exterior surfaces
  • Can be used on its own or as a pre-wash
  • High-quality product from a top brand
  • Softens and loosens stains fast
  • Towel not included

4. Chemical Guys CWS_104_16-Heavy-Duty Formula

Chemical Guys Tar and Bug Remover comes in 4 different amounts. You can buy pretty much any size you want, whether it’s for a small gift or to run your own detail business.

If you don’t already know, Chemical Guys is not a brand that likes to follow tradition. Their brand is on your face, and their products are often different from the competition. What’s different about this bug and tar remover? It is actually a concentrated car wash shampoo and is recommended for use as a pre-wash solution.

You can add it to your wash regimen as a prewash stage OR dilute it 6: 1 in a spray bottle and turn it into a stain remover. The added flexibility is definitely a nice bonus. Personally, I would use it as my top maintenance wash bug remover while using TarX as a stronger stain cleaner for stubborn tar.

It is recommended that you use a full cap of product for every gallon of water, this is enough to clean most insects and tar from your car.

However, if you’ve left the pollutants in your car for a long time, you may need to use more products. Chemical Guys Tar and Bug Remover are completely safe, preventing long-term paint damage and maintaining any last-stage protection you may have on the car.

Overall, it is certainly a good product, as you would expect from a major detail brand. If you want to be more involved and have control over the quantities of your products, I definitely recommend that you give this product a try.

  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Lubricating polymers prevent swirls and scratches
  • Heavy-duty and highly concentrated
  • Preventing long term paint damage
  • Requires dilution before use

5. McKee’s 37 MK37-100 Road Kill Bug Remover

Another great product to remove those stuck in the guts of insects is McKee’s 37. Their product is better known as Road Kill Bug Remover. This is one of the best bug eliminators for cars and trucks.

Did you know that bug guts can permanently affect your car’s paint over time? That is why it is highly recommended that you keep your vehicle clean and bug-free. Fortunately, McKee’s 37 makes a product that is more than easy to use.

There are two possibilities for cleaning your car or truck with this product. You can spray and then clean. This is great for those really stuck places.

You can also add a pinch of the formula to your car wash solution. This will increase the cleaning power, saving you time and providing top-notch results. We like this idea, and the time it saves.

Depending on the manufacturer, this can be sprayed on paint, glass, chrome, and even your plastic trim. It will not damage any of these surfaces. This makes it ideal for the entire exterior of your car.

  • Also works as a supercharger to your car washing liquid.
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Spray on and wipe clean, no rinse necessary.
  • Takes longer to break down the bugs than some other options.

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6.  Armor All Extreme 18498

If you are faced with hard dirt stuck in your vehicle after an off-road trip, the Armor All Extreme 18498 will be an effective solution for you. In addition to removing hard dirt with ease, you can also remove other things like insects and bird droppings.

The formula offers protection for your wax job to ensure you don’t have to do it again afterward. Better yet, this product will not leave your vehicle dull, as it will not remove the shine. Also, it doesn’t scratch either.

In addition to being an effective cleaning solution, this product will work well as a pre-treatment before washing the vehicle as it helps loosen dirt and grime.

This product seems too runny for use on vertical surfaces as it does not adhere well, but for other surfaces, it still does a good job. While it may not be the most powerful at removing tar either, it should still remove most of the vehicle’s surface.

  • Formulated not to leave streaks
  • Also useful as a pre-treatment
  • Does not leave the vehicle looking dull
  • Perfect for removing tough soil
  • Does not ruin wax protection
  • Runny for use on vertical surfaces
  • Not very effective at removing tar

7. CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 500 Milliliter

If you want to do professional work, you will need a CarPro formula. They make their Tar X to remove tar and adhesive from your car.

This formula is professional grade. Easily removes insects, adhesive, asphalt and tar. It works in your car or truck, and also on a wide range of other surfaces.

One of our favorite aspects of this formula is the lack of dangerous chemicals. Instead, Tar X uses solvents extracted from orange peels to get the job done. It’s fast, efficient, and safer for you and the environment.

  • Helps protect against rust.
  • Non-hazardous formula.
  • Great for removing asphalt, insects, tar, and more.
  • Professional grade formula.
  • Not the cheapest product on our list.

8. Permatex Spray Nine 15717

As well as providing stain removal properties, it wouldn’t hurt to leave behind a sweet scent, and this Permatex 15717 does just that. The solution has a fresh orange scent that will leave the surface clean smelling great.

For proper cleaning, this product’s formula is 25% Limonene, a powerful, highly effective, pure solvent that dissolves stubborn stains instantly while also removing dirt particles, bug splatters, and tar.

Other features include the handy aerosol container, making the application process easy, and penetrating hidden areas because it is released under high pressure.

Although it is flammable, the solution does not contain petroleum-based solvents in its formulation. This makes it more reliable to use and better for the atmosphere. Although 17.5 ounces may not sound like a lot, it is still enough for a few cleansing sessions.

  • Powerful and effective cleaning
  • Contains no petroleum solvents
  • Aerosol can makes application easy
  • Fresh orange scent
  • Flammable
  • Relatively small quantity

9. 3D Auto Detailing Products

Versatility is at the heart of 3D Auto Detailing products as it will function as a concentrated degreaser, enzyme-based cleaner, and insect killer. This multifunctional bug and tar remover will also work on multiple surfaces, from rubber and plastic to metal, mirrors, and windows.

Using this product is also quite simple. You just need to spray it on the dirty surface, give it a few minutes to dissolve the contaminants, and rinse it off. Because it comes with a nice spray bottle, spraying will be easy.

No scrubbing is necessary when using this product, ensuring an even easier time for you. You can also be sure that it will be safe to use and environmentally friendly as it is VOC compliant and biodegradable.

While this product doesn’t seem as potent as others on our list when it comes to removing tar, the good news is that it still does a decent or acceptable job.

  • Simple spray and rinse
  • Safe, biodegradable formula
  • Will not require any scrubbing
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Suitable for use on different materials
  • Less effective on tar removal

10. Mothers 16719 Speed Foaming Bug & Tar Remover Aerosol

Mother’s 16719 is designed to be a deep penetrating product that will hit hard to reach places like vents and grates without dripping. The formula is also fast-acting, neutralizing the acidic guts of insects and other stains such as bird droppings on contact.

Apart from the guts of insects and bird droppings, this product is also very effective in removing dirt, organic matter such as tree sap and tar, among many others. Therefore, it will provide you with a complete cleaning solution.

The spray can function as a pre-wash to loosen stubborn stains before a detergent wash, making it easier to clean vehicles.

However, you get a relatively small amount of 18.5 ounces, and it doesn’t come with a cleaning towel in the package. But these are minor inconveniences that shouldn’t be the deciding factors.

  • Fast-acting remover
  • Removes all kinds of road grime
  • Can be used as a prewash
  • Foam penetrates deep into hard to reach places
  • Can be used to clean various surfaces and materials
  • Relatively small amount of remover
  • Towel not included

How to Get Rid of Tar from Your Car Surface

The first step to take when you want to get rid of tar from the surface of your car is to get a good tar remover in the first place. After you get a quality tar remover, the next thing to do is follow the necessary instructions it offers, and while all tar removal products may not come with the same instructions, in most cases, most likely is that they look like steps. Listed below:

  1. The surface of your car should be wet at first
  2. After wetting, spray the tar remover onto the surface of your car
  3. After spraying, allow the product to go deep for about thirty seconds to five minutes depending on what the instruction specifies
  4. Then you can wipe off using a microfiber cloth so as to get rid of any lingering stain
  5. Rinse your car with water
  6. Finish – your car is free from all tar stains.

Bug And Tar Remover-FAQs

Q: Can tar and bug remover damage my paint?

A: It depends on the formula or ingredients of the product. Some can be very powerful, which means they can damage paint if left on the surface for too long. However, most major brand tar and bug removers are safe for paint and clearcoats.

Q: Is it true that citrus-based products work well to remove tar and bug residue from car paint?

A: Yes, and they are some of the most effective. Citrus-based products use natural citric acid to dissolve tar and insect guts. In addition, these products are very effective in removing sap from trees.

Q: Can I use WD-40 to remove tar?

A: Yes, lubricants like WD-40 can remove tar from vehicle surfaces because, in addition to being effective in dissolving tar, they are also safe for paint.

Q: How long should I leave the bug and tar remover in my car before washing it?

A: This varies from product to product, and manufacturers will clearly state how long you need to leave it in the vehicle. Typically it will be less than 10 minutes for most products. But some very powerful and fast-acting ones like the Stoner Car Care 91154 only need to be left in the car for a few seconds.

Final thoughts: our number one product

There are some pretty cool products we’ve talked about in this review, but there is one that we all seem to be satisfied with, and that is the Bug N All multipurpose tar and bug remover.

This remover has a multipurpose formula that effectively removes insects, bird droppings, black marks, and even grease stains. You will be able to remove stains on the surface of your car and trust it to clean the interior of your car.

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